Why Furniture Restoration Is Better Than Replacement


No matter how sturdy your furniture may have been, it would eventually meet its demise. Time and regular use have a way of catching up with even the best of them. But if your old trusty couch becomes too uncomfortable to sit on, or a cherished bed frame becomes too wobbly, you can hold off throwing them out just yet. There is a way to revive them to their former brand new selves with furniture restoration.

More Cost-Efficient Than Buying New Furniture

If it has been some time since you were last inside a furniture store, you will be in for a big surprise. New furniture prices have skyrocketed, especially for items of high quality. Of course, there are cheaper options available. But with the reduced experience that it brings, not to mention the shorter shelf-life, you would actually be getting less value for your money. A better alternative is to have your old furniture refurbished.

Most of the older pieces of furniture are handcrafted from solid wood, complemented with high-quality upholstery and a great finish. Even in their worn-out state, they make excellent candidates for furniture removalists.

Restoring old furniture would only cost a fraction of the price of a brand new replacement of similar quality. This approach is much more cost-efficient, especially if you are dealing with multiple furniture items. It leaves more money in your pocket which you can use for other home improvement projects.

You Can Choose Your Own Style

Your taste or preference may have changed since you first got your old furniture, which is understandable. But this is not reason enough to get rid of the item once you are done with it. If you have it professionally restored, you have total control over its look or style. You can have it customised to match your evolving taste. But if you want to maintain the feel of your indoor space, you can have your old furniture restored to its former glory, just like the way it was the day you brought it home from the store.

One distinct advantage of furniture restoration is in the optimisation of your indoor space. You already know that the size and shape of your old furniture work well with the room that it is in. This is hard to achieve if you were to go to a furniture shop again and start from scratch.

Refurbishing Leaves Less Carbon Footprint

Over the years, sustainability has grown from being a buzz word that people like to throw around into a genuine way of life. And refurbishing your old furniture instead of buying a new one fits right into this.

Every year, tons of old furniture end up in landfills and other places where they can harm the environment. What is more, the entire supply chain of manufacturing new furniture leaves a thousand times more carbon footprint than having it refurbished.

Having your old furniture restored is one of the many small ways that you can do your part in preserving nature for the coming generations.

Make the Smart Choice

There are many reasons why restoring your furniture is a much smarter choice, as long as it is done by qualified professionals. There are many shops offering a full range of repair services, from reupholstering to recliner chair repairs to leather repairs. They can help bring your old furniture back to life at a reasonable price. Check out for more details.


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