How To Remove Scratches On Custom Wood Furniture


Scratches on wood can ruin a piece of furniture and take away its beauty. Fortunately, in these cases, it is easy to repair the sofa and fix the scratches, for example, by brewing a cup of tea! Place a tea bag (black tea, herbal tea or green tea) in a glass to repair scratches on a wooden sofa with a tablespoon of warm water. Leave it for 2 to 3 minutes to inhale. The longer it lasts, the darker the tea, so check its color to match the shade of furniture that needs repair. Pour the tea over the scratches with an ear cleaner or cork, then wipe it quickly with a paper towel to stain the wood around the scratches. If the wood is medium to dark in color, you may need tea more than once.

 Surface scratches

Remove the surface scratches of your wooden furniture with a paste of mineral oil and pumice (available in the painting store). Use fine wool or cotton to apply the mixture to the scratched area. Then clean it and dry it completely with a dry cloth.

Custom furniture surface VS mass produced pieces

In most of custom and handmade furniture pieces the type of paint and stain the woodworkers use are different and can easily be modified or fixed. But the ones you buy from Ikea or other big brands, they use the chemical like epoxy or laker as a finish to create a layer than can’t be removed or changed easily at home, but you can have a lot of scratches on them. Take this bookshelf with a natural oak timber as an example, the finish is Osmo oil which is a plant based oil you can apply to the wood and last forever.

Bookshelf Scartches:

If you have a pet or kids at hoe you can find scartches all over the bookshelves, one way to make them disapear is to apply epoxy or osmo oil after you sand the surface, but keep in mind that the timber finish should be the sames as the oil color you are using. Oak timber bookshelf like these can be reapplied and sanded by a DYI equipment.

Cover scratches

Sometimes you can fix it instead of removing the scratch. Choose a crayon that matches the color of your scratched furniture. After painting with a crayon, draw on it with your hand so that the paint sits on the wood. Another way to hide scratches is to use a special paint for the same color as the furniture. The color you choose should be a little darker than the color of your furniture, because after the sofa dries, its color will be lighter. If there is polyurethane on your furniture, this method is not responsive!

Combine scratches with paint

To hide scratches on painted wooden furniture, apply watercolor to the affected area using a brush. Then apply a colorless gloss varnish on it to keep it firm. Scratch on the cover with instant coffee
If the scratched wooden furniture has a larger stain, you can use coffee beans and soak it in water and rub it on the piece. Of course, if the color of your furniture is dark, use this method.

  • Fill the scratch with walnut paste
    Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice.
    Leave it for a while until it adds a little oil.
    Pour the dough with a soft cloth on the scratched part.
    After 1 hour, dry it with a cloth.

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