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Beautiful Wall Art Ideas for Kids Room

Decorating a kids room is super challenging, as they are picky when it comes to their room décor. However, as kids spend a lot of time in their rooms learning, exploring, and playing, you must provide them a stimulating environment. Decorating your kid’s room with intriguing wall art can be a great way to win their hearts and make them visually appealing. If you are falling short of ideas, we have done creative brainstorming for you. You can pick any wall art idea shared below and get it painted in your kid’s room.

  1. Murals

Murals are basically painted directly on the walls, and they are based on a select theme. For example, if your kid is interested in princess stories, the mural of a princess castle will be perfect. Similarly, the mural of the surface of a moon will be ideal for a kid’s room who is keenly interested in solar system or space themes. You can also get special ceiling lights that highlight the mural in bright light. Murals are incredible as it lets kid’s interest come to life via realistic artwork. If you have the artistic flair in you and know how to use stencils, you may want to do it yourself. Include your kids in the activity, and it can turn out to be a fascinating exercise.

  1. Traditional Wall Art

If you want to beautifully decorate the wall with readily available items in the house, this option is for you. Traditional wall art can be made using photographs, posters, drawings, or anything along the same line. You have to get it framed and arrange it in a beautiful layout. It is a relatively inexpensive way to jazz up your kid’s room in the best way possible. To keep your kids engaged, consider keeping one wall for good quality blackboard paint.

  1. Decals

For the uninitiated, decals are prefabricated stickers that can be instantly fixed on the walls. You can get beautiful decals in a variety of shapes and sizes. Whether your kid is fascinated with fairy tales or loves flora and fauna, you can get decals for everything your kid loves. Fairies, trees, spaceships, flowers, butterflies, animals, and solar systems are some of the decals available in the market. Depending on the type of wall look you want to create, you can buy small or extra-large decals.

  1. Easy Geometric Designs

If you cannot spend much on revamping your kid’s room walls, try bringing the dull walls to life by drawing eye-catchy geometric designs. Of course, you must have stencils and color paint to do this yourself. This option is great if the walls have been painted with a single dull color. Use contrasting colors while drawing geometric figures on the wall, so the result looks impressive.

A kid’s room can be as simple and as decorated as you want. But if you want your kids to feel good about their room’s décor, then you should apply any one wall art idea discussed above.

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The Top 10 Latest Home Interior Design Trends

Did you know that there are over 50,000 interior designers in the U.S.? Jobs in the interior design industry are estimated to increase by 13% in the next ten years.

Interior design jobs that specialize in specific styles are estimated to increase by 20% in the next ten years. The industry makes about $10 billion each year. There are also about 94,000 interior design firms around the country.

Now that you know more about this great industry you can learn some of the newest interior design trends. Whether you want to DIY it or hire a professional to help you, keep reading to learn about some of the trends you can incorporate into your home.

  1. A Natural Theme

Some of the new interior design trends of 2021 include using a more earthy style. If you’re interested in bringing a nature-like feel to your home’s design opt for soft greens, yellows, and oranges. These colors bring warmth to your walls that represent nature.

Choose wood furniture pieces where possible. Light brown sofas are another addition you can make to create more earthy tones in your interior home design.

  1. Go Bold With Your Decor

The complete opposite look is also a new trend in interior design this year. Making bold, colorful choices with your decor creates a dynamic design.

Show off your creativity by choosing contrasting patterns. Different-sized prints on your decor can also create a nice contrast. Choose smaller art prints for your wall to create some balance.

The important thing to remember is that these choices need to create layers to add texture to your design.

  1. Try a Vintage Design

Other residential interior design trends showing up this year include using more vintage pieces in your decor. Incorporate some victorian style furniture. You can also include some fun art deco pieces on your wall.

Lace finishes, ruffled throw blankets, or velvet sofas are all popular items from past decades making a comeback today. You can mix and match with more modern pieces to create a style all your own.

  1. Create a Multifunctional Space

Making the most of your space is especially important when so many more people are spending all their time at home. Working from home and doing your exercise at home have created a need for multifunctional decor.

You can make the most of your space while still making it look stylish. Invest in a storage bed that has pull-out drawers at the bottom. Make sure your office chair is both comfortable and cute.

  1. Try a Country Style

The latest interior design trends also include a nod to the country life outside of the country. Add some country decor to your home and incorporate some modern pieces to create a more interesting style.

Checkered runners on your kitchen table are a great way to add a bit of a country look. You can also incorporate some barn doors in your new design to feel transported to your family farm.

  1. Embrace Curves

Movement and flow in interior design are prominent in the styles of the 60s and 70s and they’re becoming trendy once again. Furniture with rounded edges is one way to incorporate this unique trend into your decor.

Curved love seats and sofas are all the rage in interior design today. Asymmetrical pieces are interesting to look at and will make your home decor something no one else has.

  1. Use Clashing Colors

The latest interior design color trends include using clashing colors to create a more dynamic look. Think about adding red and blue decor against a muted color wall. This is an artistic design and one that dares to push the boundaries.

Choose unique decor pieces in primary colors and set them on simpler pieces of furniture like a wooden table.

Another way to use clashing colors in your design is to use two different paint colors in the design of a room. Use more subtle decor to balance out the tone in the room.

  1. Try an Eco-Friendly Design

Increasing conversations about reducing carbon footprint have led to a rise in eco-friendly design. This is a very popular trend today.

Buying used furniture or pieces made from sustainable material is a staple in this design style. Using decor made from natural elements is a common choice as well.

Bringing more of the natural world inside with plant life in various rooms in the house is a way to create a more eco-friendly design. Indoor plants don’t just create an interesting decor but they help to purify the air in the room as well.

  1. Use More White Decor

Current interior design trends are using more white to decorate the inside of homes. White is a neutral color so it’ll pair well with almost any kind of decor.

Painting the walls white will also make a room look brighter and bigger, this is great for smaller spaces. You can add mirrors throughout the house to help make it look bigger too.

Veined white marble is a great choice for kitchen countertops. You can choose to do completely white kitchen cabinets for a cleaner style instead.

  1. Create More Artistic Displays

Completely covering interior walls with artistic designs is the new trend in 2021. You can choose to wallpaper an entire wall with a tropical or floral design. Keep the other walls a neutral color to balance out the room.

A full mural is another bold idea that can create texture and showcase your personality.

Interior Design Trends You Should Know

There are many new and exciting interior design trends this year. This list highlights some of the most popular design ideas like country decor or opting for more earthy tones in your color palette.

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Personalize Your House With Custom Home Decor

Did you know that the home decor market was valued at 663.1 billion in 2018? The market is expected to continue to rise with furniture and eco-friendly products being the most popular decor items.

Indoor home decor was the largest part of the market in 2018 accounting for 92.6% of the sales.

If you’re considering redecorating your home you should think about adding some custom home decor to really make the place shine.

Check out this list of home decor ideas for some inspiration.

Accessorizing Is Key

Adding accessories is the way to personalize any room in your home and make it reflect your style. Some decorated throw pillows in your bedroom or living room can make the place feel more inviting and comfortable.

A customized rug can add a pop of color and reflect your fun personality at the same time. Accessorizing will make any room stand out and give it a whole new look in the process.

Add Some Souvenirs From Your Travels

Other creative home decorating ideas include adding some souvenirs from your travels to your living area. This is a great way to decorate and showcase all the interesting places you’ve visited at the same time.

The fun part is figuring out creative ways to incorporate your souvenirs into the design of your home. You can place an original sculpture from your travels abroad in a corner of your living room.

Repaint the Walls in Your Personal Style

Adding some paint to the wall might seem like a basic way to redecorate your home but there are ways to add your own personal touch with paint. You can repaint most of the walls white to give the area a lighter feel and paint one or two of your walls in a different color to make the room more vibrant.

Your decor items like the curtains, rugs, and couch, can match the colored walls or you can choose opposing colors for a more interesting design.

Add Some Artwork

Other home decor ideas include adding some unique artwork to your walls. A beautiful painting can bring the room together in a new way.

You can select artwork that speaks to your personality or interests. Make the choices more personal by displaying artwork from some of your talented friends or artists you admire.

If you’re adding artwork to the walls in your bedroom opt for more subdued pieces while bathroom art can be louder.

Some Personalized Gifts Are a Perfect Addition

What’s better to use for custom home decor than personalized gifts? Personalized gifts made for your graduation, wedding, or birthday are often made to be displayed.

Putting out these gifts in your living room is the perfect way for your home decor to have a personal touch. A portrait of your wedding with a beautiful quote or a framed letter for your graduation are meaningful gifts that can make great decor pieces.

Custom Mirrors

Adding some custom mirrors can make a small room look bigger, bring in more light, and modernize your space. The benefit of getting a customized mirror is that it can fit your space in the best way possible while adding your own style to it.

A custom mirror can be cut to specific measurements so it doesn’t look too small or large when placed. You can turn a custom mirror into a headboard behind your bed. You can add an oval-shaped mirror to a small dresser or vanity for a softer look.

Unique Wallpaper

While painting is the more popular choice when it comes to redecorating your home, you can always do something more unique by adding some funky wallpaper. Wallpaper offers the opportunity to get more creative and add an intricate design to your wall in an easier way.

You can opt for a retro look, something floral, or metallic wallpaper for a bolder look. The design options are endless if you decide to use wallpaper in one of the rooms in your home.

Add Some Greenery

Adding some indoor plants to your living room or kitchen can serve as decor that showcases your love of nature. Plants can create a more relaxing atmosphere too. Plants are known to purify the air as well.

Many indoor plants are easy to take care of like the devil’s ivy or peace lily. If you’re afraid of letting your plants die you can always invest in some artificial plants to create a natural look in your home without having to worry about watering anything.

A Photo Wall

You can personalize your home decor by creating your own photo wall. A photo wall is a great way to add decor that showcases who you are.

You can create your photo wall in many different ways. You might want to print out and frame a larger photo of you and your partner at your wedding or a family portrait with your kids.

You can also create a photo wall with a theme. Smaller photos of different vacations you’ve taken are a beautiful reminder of the memories you’ve made with your loved ones.

Custom Home Decor Ideas You Should Try

If you’re considering redecorating your home you can use custom home decor to showcase your personality and style in a fun way. Adding accessories in your favorite colors, decorating with some family photos, or adding some custom mirrors are all great ways to add a bit of you to your home decor.

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How to Create a Backyard Oasis: 5 Tips and Design Ideas to Consider

Creating a backyard sanctuary is a fulfilling and efficient way to cope with the summer heat. You save on power bills and get to have a relaxing and de-stressing space at your home.

But most people think creating a beautiful backyard takes a professional landscaper. That isn’t the entire truth. There’s plenty of DIY designing to try.

Are you wondering how to create a backyard oasis in time for the warmer months? Here are 5 tips and design ideas to inspire and get your creativity flowing.

  1. Consider Your Space

Available space and the backyard design will influence what features you can include. If your backyard is nothing but grass then you’re starting from scratch. Explore backyard patio designs to find something that is a good fit for your space.

If you already have a patio, you need to think about revamping it and adding the features that suit your needs. This could be adding aspects like a fireplace or a pool─ depending on the available space. If you have limited space, go for a minimalist design that cuts on landscaping.

Spacing will also affect the sitting arrangement. You want your space to be inviting, relaxing and spacious. Set up a lounge seating if your yard is open or has a lovely nature view. In an enclosed space, consider setting up a focal point like a fire pit.

Creating a focal point brings focus to one area and helps maximize the limited space. Another idea is to have a stunning water feature or weeping tree and have the lounge furniture face it.

  1. Focus on Your Priorities

When it comes to how to create a backyard oasis, beauty belongs to the beholder. Creating your perfect backyard space depends on your definition of beauty and comfort. Most backyard patio design priorities will depend on what you like or want as part of your design.

If you want to spend time with friends, you may create a conversation circle so place chairs around a fire pit. If you’re going to cozy up to nature, you may install tree or stone benches. A cooking enthusiast won’t want to miss an outdoor kitchen.

Choose a theme or the heart of your retreat and find complementary features to highlight it. Have a theme that connects to your outdoor elements and build it up to what you like. Remember, creating a backyard sanctuary is all about you and what makes you happy.

  1. Pay Attention to Comfort and Luxury Details

If you’re spending money to create a backyard sanctuary, you want it to be as comfortable as possible. There are a lot of elements to consider for ultimate comfort. It could be ceiling fans, furnishings, entertainment spaces, hammocks and even walking paths.

Figure out your seating early on to ensure your space can accommodate them. Find medium-sized, comfortable sofas and place them where you can get an optimal view of nature. Also, make sure you leave room to move around or use foldable chairs.

Once you’ve set up your outdoor dining area, find some umbrellas to create some shade. Put shades in various areas of your backyard so there’s enough place to run to when the sun is too much. Have some umbrellas around the pool also.

Don’t forget that it can get uncomfortably warm outdoors during the summer. Have ceiling fans installed on your patio if you want to stay cool and comfortable. Consider wet rated outdoor ceiling fans that can endure all weather.

Part of creating a beautiful sanctuary is creating intimate nooks or vignettes. Create quiet hideaways where you can go to relax or feel at ease. Enhance the spaces with a hammock, tree benches or create an arbor and grow some plants over it.

  1. Add Outdoor Lighting

Your backyard oasis isn’t complete without adding lighting. Lighting helps illuminate the walkways. It also enlivens the various features for a beautiful backyard space.

Lighting is further essential for improving functionality when the sunsets. If you’re hosting a barbeque, it can set the mood for entertainment and keep everyone engaged. You also need light on stairs, pathways and patio edges.

Have different lighting options for the various backyard areas. For instance, add some fire pit lights to enhance the flames and bring attention to the fire pit. Beautify your deck by adding some deck lighting. Add bistro lights on dining areas for a classic, elegant touch.

Play around with colors to uplift the space and evoke different moods. Consider full-color outdoor lighting for a mix of radiant hues changeable at a touch of a button to suit the occasion. Try WIFI outdoor lighting or a system controllable with a smartphone app to increase control.

  1. Add Plants and Water Features

Being in nature reduces feelings of anger and stress and triggers pleasant feelings. Studies show adding a simple plant in a room can help patients overcome anxiety. Likewise, creating a backyard sanctuary involves adding plants and water features.

Think of plants to add amazing scents, enchanting flowers or a lush view. Consider jasmine and sage for an attractive fragrance. Get some blue bearded iris, pink foxgloves and geraniums for ever-changing colors─ sycamores for sound.

Bring the soothing effects of water to your oasis by adding water features. Add boulder fountains to offer constant water sounds in your garden. Build a mini waterfall to bring a soothing sight and sound for de-stressing moments.

Another way to improve backyard patio designs is by adding an aquarium or a pond. An aquarium can act as a focal point or help trigger conversations during parties. It can also provide you with a fun and stress-relieving activity.

Learn How to Create a Backyard Oasis for Your Home

Figuring out how to create a backyard oasis may seem an intimidating task. But all it takes is to figure out what you want and get started.

Find a backyard patio idea that suits your space. Then follow all these tips to create your beautiful sanctuary. The most important part is to add your special touch to your personal preferences.

For more tips on home improvement and design, check out the rest of our blog.

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3 Tips to Improving Your Interior Home Design

The cost of an interior designer can range into the thousands—which can be a hefty price tag for a homeowner looking to spruce up their living space.

But why pay hundreds or thousands to have an experienced professional revamp your space? Instead, it can pay off—literally—to enhance your own eye for design. After all, the right seating, wall decor, coffee table designs can make all the difference!

When you want to take your own individual style and preference into account while taking a room from boring to beautiful, a few simple home interior design ideas can help. Here’s what you should know.

  1. Get Your Decor Off the Wall

No, that doesn’t mean you can’t hang any paintings or photos on the wall.

Instead, it means that you should venture outside of your comfort zone to avoid putting every piece of furniture against the wall! This is a common tendency—and a common modern home design mistake.

Try angling your furniture, clustering sofas in the middle of the room, or setting tables away from the wall. This can make your living space feel more cozy and intimate instead of stuffy and formal.

  1. Find New Coffee Table Designs

Alright, it doesn’t necessarily need to be a new coffee table, but you should always have a focused point to the room—and for most of us, the coffee table tends to be the fixture most arrangements gather around.

If this sounds like you, try finding home design tips that accentuate a stylish or modern coffee table. These coffee table presentations, for example, can help you draw the eye to the center of the room while playing with your own personal style.

  1. Pare Down Unnecessary Furniture and Accessories

Cluttered spaces are a common home interior design mistake. When it comes to style, less is more! Of course, this can be hard when you’ve been living in the same space for a while, as it’s easy to begin ignoring odd or extraneous design choices.

When you’re considering a new look, try the Marie Kondo approach to your home design ideas: are you putting pieces in the room because you love them or because they have a purpose?

If the answer is “no,” it’s time to find a new space for useless items or to donate them to someone who could put them to better use.

Try These Home Interior Design Ideas

A few simple changes to your design strategy can make all the difference as you create a comfortable new living space. From coffee table designs to proper furniture spacing, these home interior design ideas will go a long way toward making your home feel warm and inviting for years to come!

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Shine Brightly with the Right Lighting!

The use of lights to deliver practical or aesthetic results is called lighting. Lighting has been around since the sun came to shine upon our Earth. Man discovered fire and custom lights were born. Lighting as we know it today became commonplace when electricity was invented. It is everywhere in the civilized world.

The term lighting refers to both artificial light sources like lamps and custom lights and natural illumination from the sun, which is called daylight. Some buildings use daylight to light their rooms, but most use artificial, custom lights. Energy-saving is popular around the globe due to the use of artificial and custom lights.

The Right Lights

The proper lights can enhance performance in the workplace and give improvement to the environment inside a space. It can even have major psychological effects on a person, such as in light therapy lamps used for Seasonal Affective Disorder. Lights give us the proper components to be able to see at night and light our paths when it is dark. Indoor lights, specifically custom lights, are a key part of interior design, landscaping, photography and several other professions in the world today. Lights light up our computer and gadget screens. Without lights, you would not be able to see.

Some Aspects of Light

The usable amount of light that comes out of a fixture per used energy is called the luminous efficacy. It is usually measured in lumen per watt. The efficiency of the lights can also mean the percentage of light that is passed from the light source to its surroundings. More transparent lights have higher efficacy than less transparent ones.

The temperature of light of a black-body radiator that radiates a colour that looks like that of a light source is called the colour temperature. The colour temperature is important for lighting, especially in videography, photography, astrophysics and even horticulture. It is important only for light sources that have a close relation to radiation of the black body. One such example is a light that ranges from red to orange to yellow to white to bluish-white. The colour temperature typically uses the base SI unit of measurement, defined as the fraction 1/273, otherwise known as a kelvin. A white light source uses kelvins to measure its temperature. Incandescent bulbs have a colour temperature of 2800 to 300 kelvins. In comparison, daylight is about 6400 kelvins.

Custom Lights

Many people and businesses use custom lights for a variety of functions. The most important ones are as a receptacle or holder for a light source. They provide light that can be sprayed in a wealth of directions, depending on the type of custom lights made. They avoid visual glare and are easy on the eyes. Custom lights go through the same stringent process of approval in factories as mass-produced lights to prove they are safe. Some even go through more safety measures, simply by being custom-made.

Custom lights’ designs differ from client to client. They come in all shapes and sizes. Pendant lights and chandeliers are just two of the hundreds, if not thousands, of types of custom lights that can be manufactured in the world today. Different designs and kinds of lights can be put together to create billions of different custom lights.

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Carpets and Services

When it comes time to do something about your carpet, you may be tempted to put off the work for as long as possible. Whether you need your carpet fully installed or are just looking for a cleaning, carpeting services can be hard to judge. It’s not only difficult to judge, but it can also be hard to be sure you’ve found a carpet service or good quality carpet in Telford.

Finding a Carpet

The first step in figuring out your carpet situation is to find a carpet. You can look for carpeting services all day long, but if you don’t have a carpet, it won’t do you any good. Aside from the pattern and style of carpet you want for your home or office, there are a few other factors to consider when finding the perfect carpet.

  • Thickness
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Matches room decor

If you get a carpet that can only be cleaned by a special service, you need to know this ahead of time. Most carpeting stores will be able to answer any questions you may have about the type of cleaning a carpet needs and if the thickness affects it. Generally, how thick your carpet is will directly affect how it can be cleaned, but this may not always be the case. Check with local carpeting professionals to be sure.

Carpeting Services

There are more carpeting services offered than just installation and removal. Most companies that offer carpeting services will also offer cleaning and repair, but you’ll want to make sure your chosen company is trustworthy and provides good work. Finding a good carpeting service company shouldn’t be that hard if you compare online reviews and talk with others in your community.



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Alphonse Mucha: Revolutionising the Art of the Poster

Alphonse Maria Mucha is a Czech art nouveau artist, founder of the theater poster. The artist’s career in art posters began with the creation of art posters for the theater, where played Sarah Bernhardt. The great actress liked the artist’s style so much that she invited him to work as an art prints designer and decorator. The gorgeous languid women portrayed by Mucha excited the imagination and flooded almost all of Paris. The Slavic beauty among the floral ornaments has become a world-famous symbol of Mucha’s art pieces. He may be definitely called one of the main singers and connoisseurs of female beauty in the art world.

Speaking about the amazing Alphonse Mucha art, it is worth paying attention to his life as well.

Who would have thought?

The future art nouveau artist was born in a small town in Moravia. His family was not rich, and the boy was able to study at the gymnasium only thanks to another his talent – he sang beautifully. Combining singing with his passion – drawing, young Alphonse dreamed of becoming an artist. However, studying at the gymnasium was hard for him, and soon he was kicked out for poor performance. The father sent his works to an art school in Prague in the hope that his son could continue his studies there. But, the professors were convinced that the boy simply didn’t have enough artistic skills to study there. What could they know about future art pieces and wall art that the world was to admire in some years ahead?

An essential feature of Mucha’s character was his perseverance, ability to work, and certainly his talent, on which he worked hard. Only thanks to his passion, and of course the luck, the works of Mucha became known throughout the world. What was the fateful moment for the artist?

Providence of fate

The first fateful meeting was with the Count Khuen Belasi. It was he who saw the talent and helped Alphonse get an education. Thanks to the Count, the young artist visited Italian exhibitions and was educated in Paris. This gave an impetus to the career of Mucha. He began drawing posters and placards.

And fate prepared Mucha another significant meeting, which changed his life. Sarah Bernhardt! Just imagine that Mucha became famous by chance and, of course, due to his hard work. Well, and possibly due to the lacking money at that time.

It was the Christmas holidays, soon a new show should be released, you don’t have any advertisements to invite the public. Besides, all the masters want nothing but to relax! But not Alphonse Mucha. He created such a poster, which took the actress`s breath away. This was the impetus for many years of fruitful cooperation of these talented people.

Mucha’s posters were so good that people cut them off the street boards and carried them to their homes. This prompted Sarah Bernhardt to create promotional products and postcards for sale.



In Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, Sarah Bernhardt played a major male role. Mucha painted a poster, with the ghost of the murdered father behind the central figure of Hamlet. The drowned Ophelia lies in flowers at the feet of Hamlet. It was the last poster created by Alphonse Mucha for Sarah Bernhardt.

Era of revolution

So, here it is, that period in the life of the artist, which brought us many unique works in the form of postcards, notebooks, fridge magnets in our homes.

Alphonse Mucha creates the first cycle of decorative panels which we know as Four Seasons. Further very popular panel cycles were created in a similar manner. The variations of the theme are repeated two or four times. This includes, for example, Four Flowers ​​(1898) or Four Times of Day (1899). The stylized fusion of plants and beautiful women expressed a joyful view of life, which at that time was very popular among the public. Most clearly, these ideas appear in the cycle Four Arts (1898), performed in several techniques. It is here that the poetry of Mucha is especially felt.

Four Seasons

Four Seasons

Advertising posters

Mucha creates advertising posters. For the first time, famous actresses and celebrities were becoming images of promotional items. It could be an advertisement for soap, shampoo, perfume, anything that was in demand among buyers. Alphonse Mucha established himself as the creator of first-class advertising posters. He developed his unique lithography technology, which he used to create a series of paintings Slavic Epic.

The Slav Epic, 1928

The Slav Epic

Lefèvre Utile cookie advertising poster, lithography 1901

Lefèvre Utile cookie advertising poster

One of the customers of Alphonse Mucha was the old Lefebvre-Util confectionery. The enterprise gained its fame not only thanks to delicious biscuits but also bright advertising by Mucha. On the advertising poster, a woman admiring Lefebvre products is depicted in bright colors. She is very elegant and dressed in fashion, the viewer can clearly notice the sophistication of this lovely woman. She attracts with her appearance, like the biscuits and Lefebvre cookies themselves. This advertising poster turned out to be surprisingly positive and beckoning for shopping or tasting pastries. It was the first poster in the history of advertising where a celebrity advertised a product. In this case, it was Sarah Bernhardt. The handwritten text in the lower-left corner says that only two Lefèvre Utile cookies can be better than Lefèvre Utile cookies.

Monaco Monte Carlo, lithography 1897

Monaco Monte Carlo


This poster advertises the delights of the resorts of the azure coast of the Mediterranean. It was made for a well-known transport company. It displays the theme of the awakening of nature with an allegorical figure of Spring, a young girl surrounded by wreaths of exotic flowers. Through the flowers and birds, the idea was to depict the building of the famous Monte Carlo casino on the far side of the bay. This poster was published in two variations. One was signed as an advertisement, and the second was without text and was intended for collectors.


Beer and Maas advertisement, lithography 1896

Beer and Maas advertisement


This poster was created according to all genres of advertising. The goods are clearly defined here, and by the blush on the face of the young virgin, the admiration is visible. In her hands, she holds an alluring glass with a drink covered in thick and tasty foam. The girl’s head is decorated with a crown with interwoven ears of barley, green hop cones, and scarlet poppies – all the ingredients of the drink.




One of the most popular works is Zodiac. It was created for the publishing house Champenois as a calendar for 1897. However, the editor-in-chief of La Plume magazine liked it so much that he acquired copyright. Further, he released it as a magazine calendar for the same year.

Cover composed by Mucha for the french literary and artistic Review La Plume

Cover composed by Mucha for the french literary and artistic Review La Plume

Prayer of the Lord (Le Pater)

Alphonse Mucha considered the Prayer of the Lord as one of his best works. It was published in Paris with a circulation of 510 numbered copies.

Mucha wrote about this work that he saw that his path led him to a different place, somewhere higher. He was looking for how to illuminate the farthest corners. Searches were short. The prayer of the Lord lit up his way.

Prayer of the Lord

The subtle soul of the artist

On reviewing the works of Alphonse Mucha from different periods of his life and styles, we can understand how brilliant this artist was. He created his unique style, and up to these days, a huge number of admirers marvel at his work. And surely at your place, there is also some souvenir depicting the beautiful Mucha`s women. His works are one of the best decorations of the interior.

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Having a Wood Burning Stove Could Be Very Appealing

So many people like to spend time at home during the cold winter months and it’s nice to be able to just stay cosy inside. If you would like to make things as nice as possible, then it could be a good idea to get a wood burning stove. These types of stoves are very appealing when you want to warm your house in the cold winter months. There’s also just something inherently romantic about wood burning stoves that seems to draw people in.

Why Wood Burning Stoves Are So Nice

Wood burning stoves are so nice because they’re very practical while also being quite novel. Whether you have enjoyed wood burning stoves in the past or not, it can feel nice to have something like this. They look really nice and they can help you to create the perfect atmosphere in your home during the winter months. You can even find a wood burning stove for sale in Christchurch if you are interested in purchasing one sometime soon.

  • Create a nice romantic atmosphere at home
  • These stoves help you to heat your home
  • Wood burning stoves are aesthetically pleasing

Consider Buying a Wood Burning Stove

Consider buying a wood burning stove if you know that you would get a lot of enjoyment out of one. It’s going to be an opportunity for you to have some fun while also adding charm to your home. There are both contemporary and traditional wood burning stove models to consider. Either way, you’re surely going to really like owning a wood burning stove if you decide to go for it.

Home Décor

Transform Your Property with a Stylish Conservatory

Are you considering having a conservatory installed in your home? Would you like a little extra space out the back that can be used as an additional TV room or an area to simply unwind? A well-constructed conservatory is an excellent way to extend your property and create some much-needed space. They can raise the value of your property by up to 5%, making them one of the best home improvement projects on the market. A lean-to conservatory in Durham comes in a range of different styles and designs, making them perfect for all kinds of properties.

When choosing a company to fit your conservatory, look for all of the following:

  • Customer-focussed
  • Excellent reputation
  • Competitive prices
  • Skilled employees
  • Fully registered company

Here are some good reasons to install a conservatory in your home.

Bridges the Gap

Because a conservatory is so well designed – multiple windows that let in a lot of natural light – it bridges the gap between your home and garden. It acts as a connection between the two spaces, giving you a comfortable room to enjoy the outdoors while staying connected to what is going on inside.

Increases Property Value

As mentioned previously, a well-constructed conservatory will attract potential buyers and add value to your property, if you decide to put it on the market.

Cost-effective Alternative

Many homeowners choose to fit a conservatory because they are more affordable than an extension and they tend to look more appealing. They are viewed more as an attachment than an additional room.