Choosing Your Next Sofa


The furniture in your home needs to be functional, but it also needs to be aesthetically pleasing. It needs to match the decor of your room and the style you are trying to portray. For example, many people are very drawn to both classical and French styles. The Victorian era tends to be a very popular inspiration for furniture. That is why antique furniture is so highly sought-after. There are some drawbacks to antique furniture, though.

If you like classical and Victorian styles, you should buy modern furniture that is made with a traditional touch. Outright classical or antique furniture, on the other hand, fits the look you are seeking, but it won’t fulfil the aspect of functionality.

Sitting in Antique Furniture

If you don’t intend to actually sit in your furniture, the antiques are fine. However, if you actually want functional furniture, you should buy new pieces made in a classical style. Antiques are pieces of art; as such, they are very expensive and often very fragile. That means you shouldn’t sit in most of them. Also, they were made with outdated materials that are not as resilient or as comfortable as modern furniture.

If you want a classical French sofa, you can find one from many quality retailers. These retailers produce furniture that combines the best of antique furniture with the best of the 21st century. Their collection essentially represents a marriage between classical style and modern technology.

Modern Technology

In the past, many sofas and lounges were handcrafted and sewn by hand. That made each one look and feel unique, but it also meant that they were fragile and difficult to repair. With 21st century processes, your chaise lounge or sofa will be made to fit exact specifications. The improved technology used modern manufacturing also makes it much more affordable to buy a nice sofa. You’ll also be able to have it repaired should anything ever happen to it.

Sofa or Lounge?

Many people who love classical styling have a hard time deciding between a new sofa and a chaise lounge. A lounge is a piece of furniture that typically only features one arm, whereas a sofa has two arms. A lounge is designed for you to lie on, though you can obviously sit upright as well. A sofa is designed for you to sit upright, though you can also lie down if you so choose. Many therapists like to have lounges in their offices because they make people feel more relaxed. Lounges are also very popular as statement pieces. They are not quite as functional as sofas, but they reflect the opulence of the Victorian era so well that many people like to have them as decorations just as much as functional furniture.

A sofa is the most common choice when looking for new furniture. The main difference between a sofa and a lounge is the number of arms. Couches have two arms so that multiple people can sit upright, or so one individual can lie down and prop his or her feet up. This means that the arms are one of the most important considerations. Many styles of sofas feature padded arms; many others do not. That is largely a balance of form and function. An unpadded arm usually looks better, but a padded arm feels better.

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