How to Keep Your Garage Organized


If your garage is cluttered and messy, it’s time to get it organized. This is especially true if you can’t even park your car in the garage. There are many helpful tips for organizing a garage, but the best idea is to remove everything you can so you can get a good idea of how you want your garage organized.

Does This Work for You?

According to Houzz, you should be asking the following questions every time you look at something in your garage:

  • Do you need this item?
  • Do you like this item?
  • When have you used this item last?
  • If you were to donate this item, could it be used safely?

These are all important questions. Without knowing what you have and what you need, you will quickly end up with piles of useless items. If the task is too daunting, you can always find custom garage organization in Minneapolis MN.

Think Up

Many garages have limited floor space, so making the most out of space is imperative. This is especially true for those who are planning on parking their car in their garage. This about how you can hang items from the walls and ceiling. For example, it’s cheap and easy to hang your bicycles from ceiling hooks. You can keep them out of the way, but still be able to get to them when you want them.

If you need to, you can hang shelves that will take totes that can hold things directly from your ceiling. Just plan on having a bottom shelf of the correct size when planning your shelving.

Pegboards Make It Easy

One simple solution is to add pegboard to the walls and hang all your tools on it. Even heaver power tools can hang from pegboards if you’ve added sturdy enough hardware. You can keep your tools organized simply with a permanent marker. Just place the tool in it’s holder and draw an outline around it, like a crime scene. You can also use brightly colored electrical tape instead of markers and color code the handles too. That way, you never have to worry about your tools being in the wrong spot.

Magnetic Strips for Tools as Well

For hand tools, you might find that strong magnetic strips are great for holding your tools out of the way and in a place where you can organize them. These magnetic strips are great for holding anything with metal, so let your imagination run wild and you’ll be organized in no time.

Shelving is Easy and Cheap

No need to get fancy when it comes to shelving. All you need are shelves and brackets, and enough hardware to install them. Organize your hardware in boxes and clearly label them so you won’t have problems finding what you need. Again, it doesn’t need to be fancy, just clear. Permanent markers may be all you need to keep everything organized.

Add Some Extra Touches

If your garage is your entryway, consider making a small portion of it your mudroom. You can put a mat, a shoe storage shelf, and a wall coat rack right beside the door so no one tracks in mud.

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