Are Venetian Blinds In Your Future?


Window treatments are expected to perform a variety of functions: they increase the privacy and security of a home, they provide you with superior light control, and they can complement the appearance of your home. There are a number of window treatment options available on the market, but the tried and true Venetian blind continues to be one of the most popular.

Why Home Owners Love Venetian Blinds

There are four main reasons why homeowners fall in love with the Venetian blind.

Greater Control than Other Window Treatment Options

When it comes to control over lighting and privacy, Venetian blinds remain unrivalled. Homeowners can angle the blinds from being fully open to fully closed through the use of a string. The blinds can also be drawn up completely so that full daylight can stream into the home. Being able to angle the blades how they see fit also provides homeowners with maximum control over their home’s privacy and security.

An Easy Installation Process

Another benefit to this type of blind is that they are incredibly easy to install. Many homeowners can tackle the task of putting them up themselves (as long as they have the right tools), though those who hire a professional to do the job will be impressed by how quickly the blinds can be put in place.


A Low Maintenance Window Treatment

Many window treatment options require a lot of care and maintenance in order to stay beautiful and to not have a negative effect on the air quality within your home. The Venetian blind is incredibly easy to maintain, only needing to be occasionally wiped with a cloth and dusted every so often.

A Wide Selection of Colours and Designs

Another reason why Venetian blinds are so popular is because they can look spectacular in nearly any design of home. From a classic country kitchen to a sleek modern interior, there is a Venetian blind for every room and for every type of setting.

Homeowners can choose blinds made from a variety of materials, including:

  • Timber
  • Aluminium
  • PVC

The type of material you choose for your home may depend on a variety of factors. Aluminium and wooden blinds are attractive, but unless properly treated, they may not be appropriate for rooms where there may be excess moisture, such as in the kitchen or in the bathroom.

Homeowners also have the option of how they want their blinds to hang. Most blinds are horizontal, but for some areas of the home – such as very tall windows or glass doors – a vertical blind may be the better choice.

The blades come in a number of different widths, from incredibly narrow to large, wide blades. Depending on the material and size of the blade, you can find a blind of nearly any colour. PVC blinds can have almost any colour, while aluminium and timber blinds are often powder coated or painted.

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