Beautiful Wall Art Ideas for Kids Room


Decorating a kids room is super challenging, as they are picky when it comes to their room décor. However, as kids spend a lot of time in their rooms learning, exploring, and playing, you must provide them a stimulating environment. Decorating your kid’s room with intriguing wall art can be a great way to win their hearts and make them visually appealing. If you are falling short of ideas, we have done creative brainstorming for you. You can pick any wall art idea shared below and get it painted in your kid’s room.

  1. Murals

Murals are basically painted directly on the walls, and they are based on a select theme. For example, if your kid is interested in princess stories, the mural of a princess castle will be perfect. Similarly, the mural of the surface of a moon will be ideal for a kid’s room who is keenly interested in solar system or space themes. You can also get special ceiling lights that highlight the mural in bright light. Murals are incredible as it lets kid’s interest come to life via realistic artwork. If you have the artistic flair in you and know how to use stencils, you may want to do it yourself. Include your kids in the activity, and it can turn out to be a fascinating exercise.

  1. Traditional Wall Art

If you want to beautifully decorate the wall with readily available items in the house, this option is for you. Traditional wall art can be made using photographs, posters, drawings, or anything along the same line. You have to get it framed and arrange it in a beautiful layout. It is a relatively inexpensive way to jazz up your kid’s room in the best way possible. To keep your kids engaged, consider keeping one wall for good quality blackboard paint.

  1. Decals

For the uninitiated, decals are prefabricated stickers that can be instantly fixed on the walls. You can get beautiful decals in a variety of shapes and sizes. Whether your kid is fascinated with fairy tales or loves flora and fauna, you can get decals for everything your kid loves. Fairies, trees, spaceships, flowers, butterflies, animals, and solar systems are some of the decals available in the market. Depending on the type of wall look you want to create, you can buy small or extra-large decals.

  1. Easy Geometric Designs

If you cannot spend much on revamping your kid’s room walls, try bringing the dull walls to life by drawing eye-catchy geometric designs. Of course, you must have stencils and color paint to do this yourself. This option is great if the walls have been painted with a single dull color. Use contrasting colors while drawing geometric figures on the wall, so the result looks impressive.

A kid’s room can be as simple and as decorated as you want. But if you want your kids to feel good about their room’s décor, then you should apply any one wall art idea discussed above.

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