Common Services Offered by Emergency Plumbers


The plumbing system in your house is incredibly complex. The water that comes through the faucet passes through a series of different pipes before it can reach your hands. Similarly, when you press the button to flush the toilet bowl, the water that passes from the tank and into the drainage system goes through a series of different pipes, carrying all the waste along with it. Even when all the taps and flushes are closed, the water remains in your pipes.

There are many things that can cause a plumbing problem. Common issues such as changes in internal and external pressure are some of the most common reasons why pipes tend to burst. If you live in a remote locality, you will need to keep an emergency plumber on speed dial. There are many businesses that offer emergency plumbing in Perth. Here are the most common services that they offer.

Drainage Leaks

A drainage leak can cause serious damage to your house. The drainage pipes run beneath the floor and can cause massive damage if a leak occurs. The water can get stored under the floor and can cause serious damage to it. If the water leaks over to the wiring in the floor, it can also cause a short circuit. If there’s a drainage issue in your house, you should consider calling the plumber rather than meddling with it on your own. Your plumber will first use specially modified cameras in order to figure out the source of the leak before patching it up.


Backflow Prevention

Backflow can be a serious problem for many people. Simply put, backflow is the flow of water from a contaminated water supply into a clean water supply. If you think that contaminated water is mixing in with clean water in your plumbing system, you should consider calling your plumber. This is a serious issue and could end up contaminating the whole water tank. Therefore, calling in a plumber is necessary to repair the issue.

Heating Problems

Hot water systems are installed in virtually every house in Australia. As the weather turns cold, people turn on their heating systems after a hiatus of almost a year. However, a range of problems can occur in your heating system. Whether it’s a blown thermostat or a problem with the pilot, it is generally recommended that you let an expert take a look at the heater and see what can be done. If the problem can be repaired, the plumber will give you an estimate. If the plumber feels that it’s a recurring problem, you will be advised to get it replaced.

When looking for a reliable plumber, it is best to choose a business that has positive reviews from ex-customers. Read a few reviews online about local plumbing businesses within your region before coming to a decision. You should also make sure that the plumber remains open round the clock.

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