Why double glazed windows Rickmansworth is a better option than single glazed?


To know more about double glazed windows you’ll need to first get some info about insulated glass unit. IGU is a combination of two or more glass panes. It is is double glazed when there are two panes of glass, and triple glazed when there are three panes. To separate glass panes a spacer material is used while a noble gas like argon, fills up the airspace. One thing to keep in mind is that window frames have to be wide enough to accommodate the two panes.

Why double glazing is becoming popular?

Nowadays more and more people are turning to double glazed windows because they are energy efficient. Ohio Roofing Solutions Ltd say “High efficiency windows begin saving the homeowner money the moment they are installed”. On top of that they help in reducing the noise considerably. The sealed air gap works as an insulator. Owing to the thermal resistance very less heat escapes. Means your home remains warm during winter. Amazingly, in summer the effect is reversed. Double glazing doesn’t allow unwanted heat to enter. So these kind of windows reduce usage of artificial heaters and air conditioners. As a result you are able to cut down your energy costs.

Assuming, you are a short distance away from the window, the glass temperature will affect your comfort level. If you have a double glazed window installed the temperature will find it difficult to transfer through. Thus, the inside pane will stay at the room temperature. Besides, these windows don’t allow moisture to accumulate so there is no mould formation.

The best thing about the sealed double glazing is that it helps keep varied noises like the human voice controlled. The glass of inner and outer panes varies in thickness thus helps reduce noise.

You have made the right decision by choosing double glazed windows Rickmansworth, because they are a safer option than other variants. They are definitely much better than single pane windows. They are safe because breaking two sheets of glass is a bit harder than shattering a one sheet glass. If you want enhanced security you can go for toughened glass.

Different Variants Of Glass

There’s a gamut of glass types at hand when it comes to double glazed windows. Low-e glass is becoming popular nowadays since it boosts energy efficiency. As it disrupts sound it keeps the noise in check. Asides from that this type of glass doesn’t allow the heat to escape. Means your home stays cosy and warm during winter.

However, prior to choosing windows for you home, you need to pay attention to the framing material you select. Make a careful choice because sometimes the material reduces the energy efficient properties of the windows. Certain window frames specially the ones made from aluminium easily  conduct heat and cold. They need to be thermally boosted, otherwise they tend to destroy the good properties of double glazing.

Barring one disadvantage double glazed windows Rickmansworth offer many advantages. They cut down heat gain in summers, improve sound quality, and don’t allow heat to escape in winters. The only disadvantage of these kind of windows is they are a little expensive. But if you are looking for safety, comfort, and convenience then I suggest you should choose double glazing.

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