The Essentials of Cleaning Your Car


Cleaning you car is a task no one really wants to do and in Britain it’s hard to find a day it’s not raining to get out there and actually clean their car. So here’s a guide on how to clean your car when you are making the quick dash to clean it whilst the sun comes out.

Tires and Rims

Your car’s tires can get ridiculously dirty, but fear not; the issue can be solved with some good old soapy water. You can wash all four tires down with a sponge to get a better clean or if you are in a real hurry wash them by blasting them with a hose. Similarly, you don’t need to wash all four tires at the same time; it may seem odd but it you don’t have a set amount of time to spend washing your car. Washing a tire or two when you get the chance will work just as well.


Grab a rubbish bag and empty the car every few days; particularly for households with children, this may need to be done more often. Clearing out the car will set the tone for keeping it clean. Having a good clear out will instantly make your car look cleaner without taking a lot of time, and it doesn’t even have to be sunny outside for you to do it. In addition, whilst filling up your car with petrol, there are usually rubbish bins next to the pumps so you can easily throw your rubbish out whilst filling up the tank.

The Essentials of Cleaning Your Car


Cleaning the interior of the car isn’t a difficult task, however, one we often put off. Start at the top and work downwards. This is because the dust will fall down as you are cleaning. If you clean from bottom to top the bottom will simply get dusty again. Wipes will do the job nicely and are almost hassle free, or simply use water and paper towels. Leaving wipes or something similar in the car will remind you to give the car a quick wipe down. This can be done while you are waiting for someone or for a few minutes after you’ve parked. This will save time having to set a larger amount of time aside to clean the interior and the dust build up more thoroughly.

Seats and Carpets

Vacuuming the seats and carpets will often do a good enough job to clean your car; however, stains can be a different problem entirely. There are many different stain removers; however, with the range of stains that can be found in a car, you will need a stain remover that will remove a large range of stains without being too much of a fuss. A perfect product for this is actually a mix of water and white vinegar. Spray generously on the area that contains the stain and scrub the spot clean. Try spraying each stain and scrubbing them all individually rather than spraying everything at the same time as the mixture may dry and become less effective. To keep up with this, you could keep a small spray bottle with the mixture in and a sponge to clean stains as soon as they occur to prevent them from setting which only makes them more difficult to remove. Any car mats etc. that can be taken out of your car should be removed and vacuumed when you are vacuuming the carpets. For a deeper clean, you can easily throw them in the washing machine. Read more at:

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