A Building Inspection Is Always a Good Idea


When buying or renting a home or office, many people choose to hire a building inspector to inspect the property before moving in. In fact, some homeowners make their official offer on a home contingent upon a satisfactory home inspection. Inspections are important, as they give the prospective tenant or owner a comprehensive look at the structure, and wear and tear of the facility, in a nonbiased way.

Building inspectors look at a variety of things when inspecting a home, including homes under construction, pest and termite inspections, infrared inspections, and special purpose inspections such as those facilities with asbestos and insulation issues. When looking for the right building inspector, there are some ways to tell if this is the right one for you, and it all starts with knowing exactly what they do.

What Do Building Inspectors Do?

Building inspections in Perth offer a variety of services for any home or office. They will go through a home or office from top to bottom and look at various areas throughout, including:

  • Pre-purchase inspections for people who are considering moving into a facility; this usually encompasses a wide variety of areas like making sure the timber is pest free, and the sub-floor components are supporting your floors properly. They make sure the facility is both safe and structurally sound.
  • Inspections for new homes and those under construction, which includes areas such as slabs, doors and windows, brickwork, electrical, roof, painting, plumbing, and much more.
  • Pest and termite inspections that cover all timber aspects of the structure, including roof frames, patios and outbuildings, sub-floor areas, windows and frames, retaining walls, and more.
  • Infrared inspections, a non-invasive way to explore issues related to moisture, insulation, energy, and electrical systems that are unidentifiable to the untrained eye.
  • Special purpose inspections, whereby the inspector will look at a particular issue, such as poor workmanship, leaking issues, noticeable gaps in skirting boards and around windows, and defective building material application.
  • Dilapidation surveys that are performed before the excavation or demolition of a facility, so that all problems are documented in a proper manner.

Whether you are looking for a standard building inspection, infrared thermal imaging, or a pest and termite inspection – or a combination of one or more of these – inspectors in the area will offer you a comprehensive, professional, and detailed report that covers both the inside and outside of your facility. Getting a home or office inspection is always a good idea, and is the perfect way to get peace of mind before moving into a new facility.

How to Find a Competent Inspector

Building inspection companies offer comprehensive and detailed reports on the inspection results in a quick manner. Most are completed within 36 hours of the inspection, in fact. Companies that perform inspections can usually be found on the Internet, with websites that contain detailed descriptions of all of their services, information on the company itself, blogs that allow you to compare notes with other customers, and a way to receive a free quote. Checking out these websites is an excellent way to begin your search for the perfect home or office building inspector.

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