Reasons to Call on Tree Surgeons


Whether you have just one adult tree on your property or many, tree surgeons provide a service designed to keep the plant healthy and safe for those on the property. There are many reasons why you might need the help of such a professional and knowing some of the reasons others use their services could make calling easier. After all, trees are a vital part of the world’s ecosystem and keeping them healthy and strong will help the environment do the same.


Tree surgeons in Middlesex can help to keep a tree healthy by pruning it once annually of any dead branches and other problems. It is not uncommon for a single branch of a tree to die for one reason or another and it is important this this limb be removed to keep the rest of the tree healthy and to protect anyone passing underneath. As people still die every day due to injuries sustained from falling branches, this is one service that cannot be put off for any reason.


As much as you might want to keep the old tree in your backyard standing, it may be imperative that you have it removed immediately. This need can arise after a severe storm, such as one with very strong winds, that pushed the tree more than 15 degrees to either side. This type of severe lean is a sure indication that the tree is no longer stable and could fall at an inopportune moment, causing property damage or injury in the process.

It could also be necessary to remove a tree because it is dying, either due to damage or disease, and this can cause serious problems with surrounding plants. A tree that is dead or dying is also a safety hazard as it can drop branches or even fall over with seemingly little force needed. It is also a safe haven for many animals, insects, and fungi that can be dangerous to humans.

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