Property Owners – Tips to Ensure a Quick Sale


Selling a property can seem a daunting task at the best of times, and with millions of properties on the market across the UK, it most definitely is a buyer’s market. Whether or not your property sells quickly would depend on several factors, with price being the most obvious, along with the overall condition of the property, and in some cases, it is advisable to invest in some essential repairs, in order to bring the residence up to scratch. If you are dreading the process of putting your home on the property market, here are some useful tips to ensure a quick sale.

  • Use an Online Estate Agent – If you want your home to be viewed by as many potential buyers as is possible, register the property with an established online estate agent. They would be able to list the property on all the popular property sites, as well as listing on their own website, which would have a large local following. If, for example, your home is located in the West Country and you have yet to list the property, there are Havering estate agents who have a strong online presence and your home will soon be sold for the asking price.

  • Professional Presentation – Selling anything requires a degree of good presentations, and snapping a few shots with your smartphone camera is hardly suitable. By using a reputable estate agent, they would ensure that a professional photographer visits your home and takes the right shots that enhance your residence’s strong points, and with a detailed floorplan and description, your home will look all the more appealing.

  • An Exterior Makeover – The front of your property is the first thing a potential viewer will see, so take an honest look, and if the exterior walls look a bit jaded, a repaint might be the best idea. The driveway should look presentable, and the garden neat and tidy, so that the image is a positive one, and this will attract a closer inspection from any potential buyer.

  • Negotiation – Some people are very shrewd, and if a potential buyer thinks you are desperate for a sale, he might drive a hard bargain, and whether or not you accept a lower price would depend on your desire for a quick sale. If you are not too bothered about the timing, it might pay to stick to your guns, as very often the buyer is just testing the ground to see what reductions are available. Leaving some furniture or fittings might just swing the deal, but if you have a good estate agent, they can advise you on every aspect of the negotiation process, and with your best interests at heart, they will do their best to help you reach a satisfactory conclusion.

There is an element of luck involved in selling a property, as the ideal buyer might just be looking at the same time you are selling, but generally speaking, if the property is accurately priced and your listing receives a wide exposure, the chances of a quick sale are quite high.

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