This year started with a bang and maybe you promised yourself that you would surge forward with your home remodeling plans that you have been postponing for the last couple of years. Life often comes in the way, and you have probably shelved those plans along with other numerous New Year resolutions. We are already half-way through into 2018, and now that you have successfully survived the first half of the year, it is about time to resuscitate your kitchen remodeling plans as well as fulfil your other resolutions.

Remodeling your kitchen is often an expensive affair, thus, you need to do it right. You need to implement ideas that can withstand the test of time. These ideas should not be outdated; otherwise, you might be compelled to repeat the torturous process once again. Trends that were popular last year or in previous years are not as popular this year, or this month. The trends keep changing, and if you are serious about remodeling your kitchen then you need to stay abreast with these changes.

The following are some kitchen remodeling trends that you should avoid if you are planning to remodel your kitchen in the last half of 2018.

  1. The subway tile

When looking for kitchen tiles inspiration, you need to avoid outdated trends such as the subway tile. The subway tile was popular last year and the years before that because it was a safe material to use in kitchen renovations. However, safe is usually boring, and nearly everyone has this tile pattern on their kitchen backsplash. If you want your kitchen to stand out then you need to stay away from common trends such as these.

Nowadays, the trend is to go for large sized sheets of tile such as porcelain sheets that are slab sized. The larger tiles possess much more visual appeal compared to the subway tiles, and they are much easier to clean because they have less grout. They are also easier and less time, consuming to install compared to the smaller subway tile format.

  1. Industrial décor

Industrial details in your new kitchen are an absolute no-no. The latest trend in kitchen décor is to soften the room in order to make it more inviting. Industrial elements such as brushed metals in the kitchen make it seem too clinical and cut-off emotionally. They do not give out warmth, which is not the perception you want to create regarding your newly remodeled kitchen.

Instead of industrial-looking metals, you should opt for warm and inviting metals. Such metals include the likes of gold, and brass.

  1. Using different light fixtures

A few years ago, statement lighting was one of the biggest trends in modern kitchen remodeling. Every kitchen you would walk into you would find a different light fixture for the island, for the range, under the counters as well as on the kitchen table. However, it is becoming quite clear that having different light fixtures in different parts of your kitchen tends to be exaggerated, confusing, and makes the space feel overwhelmed.

In the latter part of 2018, we are keeping things simple when it comes to the light fixtures in your kitchen.

  1. Open shelving

Open shelving is great if you want to show off your precious comic book collection or expensive antiques. However, it is not such a great idea when it comes to dishware and kitchen supplies. It is not a particularly practical solution in a home with young children. The open shelving trend looks amazing in photographs but it would not function as well in real life kitchens with a lot of traffic and a high demand for space.

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