The Best Kitchen Tools to Gift for Newlyweds


It is customary for guests to pick out a gift when attending a wedding, and many people struggle with things to buy. If you think about it, though, choosing the right present shouldn’t be difficult. A couple that gets married is starting a new phase in their life, so why not pick out a gift that represents this?

There are plenty of options available when you think about the wedding this way, and one of the most popular choices for a wedding gift is a kitchen tool. So, what are the best kitchen tools to gift newlyweds? Let’s find out.


It might sound obvious but buying a toaster as a wedding gift is a cliché’ for a reason. In fact, it is so common that almost everyone refrains from using this appliance as a wedding gift in general. That means you are likely to be the only person buying them this mandatory gift.

Everyone needs a toaster. Whenever you move in somewhere new, these devices just happen to be there. However, it is the appliance that most people forget to buy when they get a place of their own. Keep your friends covered by gifting them a toaster for their wedding.

Coffee Maker

A kitchen tool doesn’t have to be practical. There are plenty of kitchen tools out there that are a bit extravagant, like the coffee maker. The best bit about this type of gift is that they come in a range of styles.

A standard coffee maker allows the user to brew fresh coffee in an instant, which is always useful. However, you can take things a step further and buy your friends something more upmarket. You can now invest in huge machines that are capable of creating a wide variety of hot drinks, from hot chocolates to cappuccinos. Therefore, you can show the newlyweds how much you really care with a fancy coffee machine.

Casserole Dish

When you move into together, it usually means that you are at an age when your friends are in long-term relationships as well. While this gives you a lot more opportunities to get together as a group, it does make cooking for everyone a bit of a challenge. With the tools, like a casserole dish, you can ensure that your friends are ready to entertain.


Another regular occurrence in newlyweds is that their diets start to sync up. There is no need to worry about preparing two separate meals and living together as husband and wife give you an excuse to try out new diets and recipes. One essential tool for those who wish to eat a bit healthier is a blender. This countertop appliance allows the user to whip up healthy soups or smoothies, and it is not something that people usually buy for themselves. Therefore, it fits perfectly as a gift.


These are just a few ideas you can use as a gift for your next wedding. All of these items will be greatly appreciated, no matter the style of the bride and groom.

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