How to Get the Best from your Exterior Surfaces


There are many ways to treat the exterior surfaces of a building, and with the harsh Australian climate to consider, it makes sense to protect the building with something that will stand the test of time. Metal cladding offers both durability and style, and with tailored solutions, the exterior will boost the image of your business or home by providing a clean and durable finish.

Copper Cladding

This is perhaps the most stunning of all metal cladding finishes, and with tailored copper cladding panels, your exterior will be the talk of the town in your neighbourhood. This maintenance free product will give you years of solid protection against the elements and also will make your exterior look stylish and elegant.

Zinc Cladding

Zinc is the ideal metal for exterior cladding and can also be used to cover roofs, and with made to measure solutions, every project is finely crafted to leave your exterior looking good at all times, and as far as weather protection is concerned, you can’t get a better surface, and with a range of modern shades available, you can create something unique.

Aluminium Cladding

This metal is also an ideal material for exterior cladding, and it is very resistant to the hot Australian climate, with great reflective qualities that help to keep the interior cool. There are online suppliers who can design, build and install the best metal cladding that will last a lifetime.

Home or Office

Many businesses and home are cladded with modern metal surfaces, and the choice of metals and colours allows you to find something that is unique and complements the building perfectly. The metal cladding means you have no maintenance tasks to carry out, and once the cladding is in place, you can forget about any exterior maintenance.

Locating the Right Company

There are online specialists with many years of hands-on experience cladding both domestic and commercial properties, and an online search should put you in touch with a reputable company that services your area. An established cladding company would have an impressive list of clients, and you can visit a few of their finished projects and get a good idea of what to expect. By dealing with a local company, you can be sure of a good job, as they would have a reputation to uphold, and with experienced installation teams who can handle any on site issues, your new metal cladding will be a unique and durable finish for your exterior.

Awards and Accreditations

With so many contractors that all profess to be the best in the business, it can be difficult to source the right company, and if they are accredited and have awards for their work, this is a good sign, and is definitely something to look for when asking for quotes.

Aluminium, zinc and copper provide the ideal finish for walls and roofing, which is why many home and business owners are choosing metal cladding as the ideal exterior solution.

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