Why Decorative Flooring Has Become More Popular than Ever


Attractive and decorative epoxy floorings are now more popular than ever before and nowadays come in a variety of choice styles, providing an impressive mixture of practical and aesthetic uses. Should you be seeking decorative flooring for a building, be it in busy retail, office, reception, showroom, nightclub, food industry and any other place where an impressive aesthetic view is appreciated, make sure you select the right kind of flooring with which to enhance the appeal of your location.

A decorative professional flooring specialist in Bognor Regis can certainly make all the difference in many other places, and even somewhere like your beautiful home, just make sure to check them out and they will help you to make the perfect choice for your surroundings.

Some Reasons for Decorative Flooring

Durable and strong protection – High-traffic finishes with industrial-strength chemical and abrasion resistance, makes this type of flooring able to withstand oil, grease, unexpected harsh weather conditions and many other mishaps that end up spoiling other sorts of floors

  • Ideal for heavy loads
  • Adaptability – can be utilised in a wide range of surroundings
  • Easy fitting – fast-curing systems available
  • Easy to sustain – no waxing or re-polishing necessary and stops the creation of dust
  • Skid – resistance that does not interfere with aesthetics
  • Will not absorb liquid or dirt
  • A range of different colours, creative combinations, decoration and pattern designs
  • Maintains its mechanical functions over a wide range of temperatures
  • Guaranteed quality and long lasting results assured

How it is laid and what is Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy coatings are applied as industrial floor coatings due to their chemical resistance, durability, low porosity and bond strength. An epoxy coating is made up of a ‘base’ and a ‘curing’ agent. These two elements are combined to a certain ratio. A chemical reaction then occurs between the two which then generates heat and hardening the mixture into a hard ‘plastic’.

If you want to learn about the general characteristics of epoxy resins so you can obtain a better understanding

  • Application – There is minor shrinkage during the curing process because the technique normally does not involve any separation of volatile by-products.
  • Adhesiveness – This is remarkable and is a result of its chemical makeup, which is rich in polar hydroxyl groups and ethers. Epoxy resins have high adhesive properties without any unnecessary need for long exposure times or high pressures.
  • Wonderful mechanical properties – preferable to any other coating. The low rate of contraction reduces the chances of any tensions.
  • High power electrical insulator – This is always highly important in all environs and ensures a much higher safety standard
  • Amazing chemical resistance – which is influenced by the curing agent.

So, you now know all there is to know about this very popular material and why it has become so popular, make sure to check out a company that can provide you with all that you need to make the floors in your building look simply……great!

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