Getting a New Fireplace Installed: Important Factors You Need to Consider


Fireplaces have been used in houses for hundreds of years. Just as many other inventions, fireplaces were also born out of a need to keep warm. Burning a fire inside a house seemed quite dangerous at the time but fireplaces were specifically designed to contain the flames and to ensure that only a selected area in the house received warmth. Even today, many people across the UK light up their fireplaces during the winters.

It provides a central setting for the whole family to gather around and talk with each other. Adding a fireplace to your house is also a great way to increase its value by a significant margin. In case you decide to sell your place in the future, the fireplace feature will help you get a much higher price on the real estate market. However, installing a new fireplace is not a straightforward process. Before you head out in the market to check out low cost fireplaces in Yorkshire, there are a few factors that you need to consider.

What Style Fits Best?

Fireplaces are available in different styles and every other showroom will show you different designs. The sky is the limit when it comes to different designs ranging from the conventional stone fireplace to the more modernistic designs that exude class and elegance and nicely complement modern houses. Some prefer traditional burning logs in their fireplaces while others prefer fireplaces that provide linear flames that flicker in unison and offer panoramic viewing angles. If you want to go for a no-fuss fireplace that you won’t have to worry about cleaning either, you should choose an electric fireplace. While it may be a little bit expensive, it adds a touch of uniqueness to your place, making it look extremely elegant. They are also relatively easy to maintain so you won’t have to worry about hiring a chimney cleaner after every few months.

Heating Efficiency

You will also need to consider your heating efficiency requirements. For instance, if you choose a gas fireplace, you could seriously reduce your heating costs by a considerable margin. You can just turn down the thermostat and use the fireplace to heat up the rooms. It will help you cut down on the amount of fuel that’s used in your house and can help you cut down your bills by up to 40%.

Some people also prefer vented fireplaces while others prefer the vent-free variants. Some fireplaces have sealed combustion units that offer maximum protection against the quality of air while others release smoke directly through chimneys. It’s important that you consider the heating efficiency of the fireplace before making a decision. Ideally, it would be best if you talk to a local heating company and find out which models are the most popular. They will be able to guide you about the different variants that you can choose from and will also provide you the pros and cons of each model.

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