How to reduce the sound from wooden flooring


Think of the noise associated with a wooden floor, and then compare this with a carpet flooring. You’ll notice how much noisier a wooden floor is, however, this needn’t be the case.

Have you ever considered asking your neighbours what they can hear? This is one way you can determine whether you need to soundproof areas within your home or apartment. Even if you’re unable to eliminate all of the sounds within your property, it shows that you’re thinking about their needs, as well as your own.

Wooden floorboards are renowned for the odd squeak here and there but if they’re fitted correctly, you can ultimately reduce the sound of your flooring.

In order to reduce the sound from your wooden flooring, you need to consider soundproofing the sub-floor. If you apply an underlay beneath your wooden flooring, your home is more likely to be quieter, as the underlay will help absorb any excessive noise.

For reducing the sound, you need to use a company you can rely on, take JCW Acoustic Flooring for example. JCW have a wide range of products in the acoustic flooring range, including the JCW 80T acoustic batten system. The decibel ratings vary according to the thickness of the batten, the thicker the better! A denser batten has the ability to absorb more sound, making it the most effective option for you.

The acoustic battens from JCW are designed to reduce sound impacts and to comply with standard sound regulations. If you’re applying an acoustic underlay to your wooden floor you’ll not only be able to keep your volume to a minimum, you’ll be able to save money in the long run.

What about an acoustic deck from JCW Acoustic Flooring? They’re perfect for reducing the transmission of sounds within the home, especially those generated by wooden flooring. So, if you’re looking for an acoustic solution to meet your needs specifically, an acoustic deck is an ideal option, it’s lightweight and strong which makes it highly reliable.

Furnishings can not only enhance the interior décor of your home but can reduce the sound projected from your wooden floor. The use of rugs and other soft furnishings have a positive effect on keeping volumes low.

In addition to installing acoustic battens and decks, it’s an idea that you remove your shoes at the door, needless to say, it’ll keep your flooring clean and free from dirt but also the noise will be reduced if you walk lightly in barefoot, socks or slippers!

If you’re looking for a solution to noisy wooden flooring, consider JCW to have a complete range of products for you to choose from.

Browse the range of acoustic battens and acoustic deck from JCW Acoustic Flooring today!

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