Fine Soft Furnishing Cleaning By Pilgrim Payne


Curtains and similar other fine soft furnishing articles like floor mats, carpets, rugs, etc  can be a lot harder to clean and maintain at home in comparison to other small furnishing products, such as linen, pillow and cushion covers, etc. This is where it becomes important that you seek the help of experienced and well-known soft furnishing cleaning service providers. It can often be hard to come across professional service providers who extend efficient cleaning services for your fine soft furnishing articles. This again can be due to a number of reasons, such as- inadequate experience with cleaning a variety of materials, inefficient or less knowledgeable staff, inadequate presence of technology or apparatuses, etc.

One company that surpasses all the other service providers in this industry and has none of the above issues holding it back from bringing forward guaranteed and efficiently executed services is Pilgrim Payne. This is the first dry cleaning services opened by Mr. Pilgrim and Mr. Payne in the year 1850, in England and ever since has grown to become one of the most trusted companies in the country.

What are the different services extended by Pilgrim Payne & Co?

Though the company started off with just dry cleaning services, it soon set out on the root of extending its services to whole new limits. This was done to not only attract a more clients but also to serve a larger base of services with services that they could not find anywhere else. Some of the many services that the company extends today:

Furnishing Cleaning

  •        curtain cleaning,
  •        curtain making,
  •        carpet cleaning,
  •        carpet making,
  •        reupholstery,
  •        upholstery cleaning,
  •        Sofa cover cleaning,
  •        furniture making,
  •        cleaning and restoration of rugs and
  •        Cleaning and restoration of tapestries.

People throughout the United Kingdom can all these services and more from this highly experienced company. The company also provides general cleaning service to clients who are exclusively based in London.

Why opt for professional help?

There are a number of reasons that can be stated as to why you should take the help of professional cleaners to clean your general or fine soft furnishings. Yet, the most basic reasons are that not everyone has the time or will to take up work as tedious as this. Also not always does everyone have the knowledge or technique that is required to treat different materials and different furnishing products, to clean, restore or maintain them in their best form. Here is where it becomes a must to take help of a company that is well known for forwarding the most efficiently executed cleaning, maintaining and restoring services to its clients. The only name that one can be reminded of in such a situation is that of Pilgrim Payne, who have been providing these services for over 165 years now. The company also comes with their own official site, which you can check out to gather more information on the wide array of services offered by them.

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