Signs Indicating the Time for Your Lead Pipe Replacement in Toronto


Each and every object has its own time and limit. The plumbing of pipes over the decades will gradually rusts, corrodes, and decays. Unless your plumbing system is replaced, you will eventually come across water leaks and many other unfavorable conditions causing you lot of troubles.

Proper plumbing service is very much essential for you and your family. Plumbing system type of your house can most probably determine the time duration it can last. Plumbing service needed for your house should be done in time.

Here are some signs and factors for replacing your pipeline

  • Duration of pipes – First of all, find out the type of material of your pipe. This affects the lifespan of the pipe. Supply pipes are usually under constant water pressure. So they are commonly made of materials like brass having lifespan of 80-100 years, copper having 70-80 yrs and Galvanized steel of 80-100 yrs.

Drain line pipes are the ones that carry water and waste exits from home. So they are made of cast iron having lifespan of 80-100 years and polyvinyl chloride, which have a normal span of 24-40 years. Certain factors may reduce their respective lifespan.

Lead Pipe Replacement

  • See if the pipes are lead or polybutylene pipes – Despite their age, replacing of pipe is needed if your home has lead or polybutylene piping. Lead piping has a high risk of leaking lead into your water system. Lead is a toxic substance and can be harmful when consumed. Polybutylene piping is usually of poor quality and has higher chance of breaking.
  • Water leaks – Even a little or small leak of water in your water supply pipes can become a very troublesome one in a matter of time. In order to protect future damage and risk of health hazard, it is highly recommended that to do a timely pipe replacement
  • Encountering yellow or brown water – Sometimes you come across yellow or brown water from your faucets or bathroom. It signifies that the water is contaminated. This may be caused due to rusty water heater tank or it may be a sign indicating pipe rust and needs a pipe replacement.

Remember the above given signs and factors, if you are a home owner. Always keep in touch with a trustworthy Toronto water service company to help you in case of emergencies. If you are encountering any of the given problems or other plumbing related problems, then immediately contact your service provider and solve the problem before it is too late.

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