Domestic Waste Removals: Aspects to Consider


When you hire a skip to remove some domestic waste, you should consider what actually happens to the waste once it leaves your property. We all know that landfills are simply not good for the environment, and anyone that is looking to have domestic waste removed should be concerned with how the waste is disposed.

Government Approved Waste Management Companies

If you are looking for small skip hire in Wolverhampton, there is a local provider that is registered and they recycle as much as 90% of the waste they collect. Here are some of the things they recycle:

  • All forms of cardboard and paper
  • All metals
  • Wood
  • All forms of plastic
  • Domestic green garden waste

If you use the right waste management company, you can rest assured that most of your waste will be recycled, not simply dumped into a landfill.


Most waste management companies are very competitive, they have to be if they are to remain in business, and if you are about to hire a skip, it is very easy to price compare online. It is always a good idea to inform the skip provider regarding the waste you wish to have removed, to be sure it is acceptable, indeed, most skip hire companies will post this information on their website.

Hazardous Waste

Things like car batteries, asbestos and chemicals are classed as hazardous waste and you should confirm with the skip hire firm that they will accept hazardous waste.

Once you are sure that the skip hire company are eco-friendly, you can order your skip and be assured that your waste will be recycled.

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