Customising to a Hamptons Style Home 


The State of Queensland, Australia, has a coastline that stretches almost 7,000 kilometres and covers most of the north-eastern part of the continent. This Queensland coastline is famous worldwide because it is the entry point to the Great Barrier Reef, which is considered the world’s largest coral reef system. This massive Queensland coastline also travels along with three of the state’s largest cities, namely Brisbane (the state capital city), Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast.

Queensland’s majestic coastline is also the reason for the people’s influx wanting to live in the area. Many new home builders in Queensland are kept busy building new homes for people who want to move to the different coastal cities of the state.

Most wannabe homeowners opt to buy their houses from production homebuilders to save money. However, most buyers are hesitant because they believe that their homes will be the same as everyone else’s within the community. While it is true that new home builders in Queensland may use stock housing plans, homeowners will have the opportunity to customise the plans per their preferred style.

Hamptons Style Homes

One of the most sought-after customisations for new homes is the Hamptons Style Home. This style is derived from the collective look of the homes of the affluent seaside region of Long Island, New York, known as the Hamptons. Hamptons style homes exude the look of an affluent yet relaxed seaside lifestyle. However, getting yourself a Hamptons style home requires you to be filthy-rich. New home builders in Queensland may customise their stock housing plans with these five essential features to make a Hamptons style home for you.

Hamptons Exterior and Lighting

An essential feature to get a Hamptons exterior is to add weatherboards on your walls to create clean and horizontal shadow lines when struck by sunlight. The exterior of the house is also painted with neutral tone colours with trims of light greys or duck-egg blue for a seaside look. In terms of lighting, a Hamptons style home allows sun-drenched living areas during the daytime and night-time lighting that brightens the entire home. The main goal of a Hamptons style lighting is to have a seamless continuity of light throughout the day.

Hamptons Furnishings

The key to establishing a Hamptons Style home is to focus on luxury and relaxation. Use massive sofas in white linen or neutral upholstery. Do not go for window treatments that block out the light entering your interior spaces. Homebuilders will opt for white Venetian blinds to give the privacy that you need while still letting most of the light in.

Hamptons Layout

The key to having a Hamptons style home is by creating an open plan where the kitchen overlooks the dining area. An Alfresco that extends from the kitchen should also be included for entertaining guests during the summer. The kitchen should also include a walk-in or a butler’s pantry.

Hamptons Staircase

The classic Hamptons style staircase should feature dark wooden steps contrasted by white-painted railings. The staircase should be made of wood with the railings either elaborately sculpted or left plain.

Hamptons Garden

The yard or garden of your new home should be well-manicured, uncluttered, and symmetrical to reflect the Hamptons style garden. The landscape of your yard should include uncrowded flowering plants planted in symmetry and proportion to the rest of the house.

Hamptons style home is only one of the different styles that new homebuilders in Queensland can offer. There are also various other styles to try out.

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