Does Your Giving Cause Pollution Have


Remember those Christmases from your early days when there would be a mountain of used wrapping paper in the middle of the family room after all the giving was done? Whether you celebrate a traditional Christmas or your Holiday’s are marked with simple gift giving unfortunately, there is an environmental impact to gift giving. In fact, it is estimated that household waste goes up in excess of 25% during the holidays!

Here are 3 surefire ways to reduce your holiday impact:

1) Look for gifts made from recycled materials or organic materials. For example, a warm fleece made from recycled water bottles is a welcome gift for anyone on your list.
2) Give a potted plant. Not only is this a gift that keeps on giving once it’s permanently planted but it also helps our air quality.
3) Even though our inclination is to rip open those packages try savoring the moment and opening them slowly so the wrapping paper and ribbon can be used again next year.

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