Decor Your Home With These Inexpensive Hacks


Inexpensive Home Decorating Hacks

Most people hate to throw things out and you probably feel the same way. You may be holding onto old picture frames, tyres, furniture, broken tea cups, bottles, etc. Instead of throwing these items away you can use them to create a beautiful and unique décor for your home. This is an excellent way for you to give your home a nice little boost while keeping items away from the dump.

The Tyre Swing

No playground is really complete without a good tyre swing. All you need is an old tyre, a sturdy tree and a rope. Even with all the technological advancements in the world a tyre swing will make your kids laugh every single time.

The Play Kitchen

A broken entertainment center makes an amazing play kitchen for your kids. You do not have to drag your old unit to the dump. Inside of few hours your little girl can be playing in the kitchen of her dreams. Start by reinforcing anything that has been weakened or will not hold much weight. Now grab some paint and use your imagination. You can stencil on roses, puppy dogs or whatever your child enjoys to personalize the kitchen. She will have a sensational place to keep all the toys she uses to cook with.

The Recycling Center

You probably have at least one or two old baskets that are starting to show their age. Even if there is a hole in the bottom it will still work nicely. Fill the inside of your basket with waste baskets. Place a label in each section so you know where to put everything. You have just found a use for a favorite basket and made a recycling center. This is a great way to organize and store your recyclables.

Light Fixtures

You probably have a whole stack of wire baskets you keep meaning to take to the dump. Instead of throwing them away you can make amazing light fixtures. Prepare your basket, paint it to match the room you are planning on using it in and simply connect it to a pendant light. Your fixture will have an Anthropologie inspiration and make a lovely addition to your décor.

Terra Cotta Pumpkins

Most people have a fair share of terra cotta planters that have been broken. You can even use broken ceramics such as saucers and plates. Break them apart into little pieces and glue them onto a foam ball. You will have a mosaic appearance that is stylish and fun to create. You can make decorations for your home, ornaments for Christmas or unique gifts. Mix and match different colors and patterns for a variety of occasions.

Cracked Plate Art

You can turn your cracked plates into marvelous pieces of art to display on your dining room and kitchen walls. This project works well if you have plates that have broken into two or three pieces. You may be holding onto the pieces for sentimental value. Simply glue them back together and decorate your walls. You will be left with a treasured keepsake and a unique piece of art.

The Playground

An excellent place to start is with a playground for your kids. They will love having stuff to bounce off of, jump, climb and scale. If you do not already have some used tyres they are affordable. They hold up to the weather and are safe for your children. You will have a lot of fun using your creativity to design playground. You can make tyre racers, ball games and cargo climbers and lots of amazing stuffs using tyres. All you need is a weekend, some imagination and your kids to make a playground.

The Birdbath

A birdbath is a charming addition to any garden. You can make your own using cracked plates and broken terra cotta planters. You will get the best results if your planters are all different sizes. Paint them to add a bit of flair then assemble them in a pleasing formation. The project is a lot of fun and the birds are going to adore you for your efforts.

The Wall Desks

If you have an old kitchen table that has been damaged, broken or you just don’t like anymore do not take it to the dump. You can make two of the cutest wall desks imaginable from your old table. You will not use the center of your table so do not worry if it has a lot of damage. You are going to cut a section off each end the same size. You can stain the sections or use your favorite color paint. Once they have dried simply affix them to the wall. Your kids will have a place for homework and you can use the desk for paying bills, looking through magazines or whatever you wish.

Tea Lights

It is amazing how many bottle caps are thrown away. You can turn them into lovely tealight candles. They are the perfect accent for your home, a wedding, anniversary, birthday, get together, etc. Clean the bottle caps, add a wick and then melt some wax to pour into the cap. Melted crayons make excellent wax. This is also a good way to use broken pieces. You can keep broken crayons and bottle caps out of the dump while providing a charming accent to your home.

Repurposing for Home Décor

The ideas for repurposing old, broken, damaged and unnecessary items is only limited by your imagination. A few ribbons and a piece of lace turn an old bottle into a nice vase. If you take the time to really look at what you currently consider junk the ideas will come. Simply consider what you want or need in your home and how used items can be made into something new and exciting. The entire family can become involved, learn a lot and have fun.

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