Commercial Epoxy Flooring Options


When considering flooring for your business there are many variables to consider. How much traffic do you receive? What kind of a look are you going for? What is your budget? Are you doing it yourself or using a contractor? These variables and questions need to be asked when deciding which type of flooring is right for your business.

Epoxy floor coatings are a great option for not only garages but many commercial businesses. There are many different brands and types of commercial epoxy flooring available to choose from. Picking the right epoxy floor coating for your business can sometimes be frustrating and overwhelming when you aren’t sure what you need or how epoxy floor coating systems work. In order to pick the right type of epoxy coating for your business, it is best to separate out the different types of epoxy floor coatings available and see how they are installed as a system. You can either install the epoxy flooring yourself or hire a contractor, but be sure to learn about all the different options available to you and your individual situation. When it comes to choosing which is right for you, you need to know what type of epoxy it is and how is that epoxy used as part of a system.

Water based epoxy is easy for anyone to apply and has a longer liquid life so you don’t have to worry about getting applied as fast as some other products require. It is often sold as epoxy paint because it is as easy to apply as paint. This is a great product if you are planning to apply the epoxy yourself. It also less expensive than other options, but also less durable.

The high solids epoxy is the next step up in epoxy flooring solutions. These epoxies have the best resistance to stains, chemicals, and damage. The epoxy is much thicker and more durable than two coats of the water based epoxy. They have many color choices available, thanks to their thick coating ability. It is not as friendly for the do it yourself person and needs to be applied quickly, usually within thirty to forty minutes after mixing.

To get the best results from your epoxy flooring, it is best to add a coat of clear epoxy or polyurethane, also called a top coat. This top coat adds to the thickness and durability of your epoxy flooring. It will also help your floor shine and will prevent you from dealing with your water damage problems. In addition to a top coat, the best epoxy systems also consist of a primer for your flooring. This will be a layer that you put down first, for your epoxy to have a good first layer to stick to.


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