Tips to get rid of ants


As we all know, ants are a great problem in kitchen. They tend to infect the kitchen and make the place untidy. Hence it is more important to remove them out of the living space. Especially people who have babies or children at home should put forth more effort to remove the ants as they may bite the children. There are several ways through which one can get rid of ants. This article is written in order to reveal some effective ways through which one can destroy ant colonies without any constraint. People who have problems in destroying ant colony can consider the following discussions to get rid of their problem easily.


Believe it or not but ants hate vinegar to a greater extent. Hence in order to destroy ant along with their colony one can use vinegar and water. Both these components can be mixed and can be sprayed in the places where the ants are present. This mixture can also be directly spared on the ants. The ants cannot survive when their body gets exposed to vinegar. After few minutes, the ants will be completely dead and they can be easily removed through a paper towel. It is to be noted that this is one of the natural ways for getting of ant. People who are not interested in using the harmful chemicals in their kitchen can make use of this method as they are safe and natural.

Boric acid

This is another natural method which will work effectively against the ants. The boric acid has the nature to spoil of their stomach. Thus, when the ants ingest this acid they will die within fraction of seconds. The boric acid is available in the market in the form of powder. This boric acid is nontoxic this can be used even in the places where the kids are present. A great benefit with this acid is they will also act against other insects. Hence along with ants one can get rid of other harmful insects in their living space. The users can set boric acid sugar trap in the places there they find ants to a greater extent. This is also the most inexpensive method to remove ants.

Ant baits

One can find different types of ant baits in the market.They can be easily pointed out even in local shops.The baits can be placed in the spots where the ants are present more in number. The taste liquid of bait will grab the attention of ants. Thus, when the ants consume this bait they will turn poisonous to their body. Thus they will start dying slowly. The most interesting this about these baits is they will help in destroying the ant colonies without any constraint. People who are puzzled about how to kill ants easily can make use of these methods. As these methods are also quite easy, they can make use of them without getting exposed to any hassles.

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