Acacia Tree: Sustainable Furnishings


When choosing furniture for your home, wood furnishings is always the best option. Whether it for your coffee tables, cabinets or even dining table, you won’t go wrong with wood, especially with the Acacia Tree Furnitures. However, making savvy environmental choices can make a big difference. Read on to find out more about sustainable furnishings.

Acacia Tree: Fast Growing and Sustainable

With how we try to cut down trees to create furnishings, papers and even for construction use, we might end up having bare earth soon. That’s why using sustainable wood is the best option for us to make sure that we still have trees that can meet up with the demands.

The Acacia Tree is believed to exist for more than 20 million years. There are fossilized charcoal deposits that appear to have parts of the trees preserved in them. It is a fast-growing tree which makes it an exceptionally sustainable source of wood. The speed growth of the tree is also swift. If you plant an acacia tree, given with favorable condition, it can grow to 35 feet in 13 months.

The growth speed reflects the fact that many species of the acacia are growing abundantly in a tropical climate that can provide them rainfall and nutrition throughout the year. It may produce an almost perpetual growing season.

Benefits of the Acacia Wood

The Acacia Tree is one of the top qualities when it comes to resistance and has the most extended life of up to forty and more years. Considered to be as one of the hardest, heavy, flexible and robust woods. Though preferably grown in tropical countries, Acacia Tree can tolerate freeze and cold which means this tree can also survive in a colder climate.

The acacia wood has a nice built, has light and yellow color which gives you the possibility to let it in a light tone despite being an exotic tree which is usually in a darker tone. The best thing about this wood is that it is resistant to molds and wood destroying insect. Also, it is resistant to humid environment and water giving you a more durable and long-lasting wood.

Why is Sustainability Important in Furniture?

Nowadays, design and architectural trends are now into sustainability, preservation, and care of the environment. With the issues revolving around Mother Earth, many manufacturers create furniture that will not pose a threat to the planet. Acacia Tree Furniture is one of the sustainable furnishings that can give you mostly what you need.

Sustainability is essential when it comes to your furniture for it will give you endless opportunities to enjoy the functionality of its features that can help you achieve optimum comfort. The longevity of sustainable furniture is also no joke; it may last you ten years which can help you save money when it comes to furnishings.


Choosing a sustainable furnishing does not only provide you excellent quality but also lets you free of guilt when you buy one. Not only does it help the environment, but it also helps you in saving time, money and energy. Acacia tree is not just a good choice but rather more of an intelligent one when choosing a sustainable furnishing for your home. You can visit and look at their vast array of acacia wood furniture.

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