A Complete Guide to Buying Rotary Screw Compressors


Air compressors are widely used in many different industrial applications and factories. Simply put, an air compressor is a device that can convert power into the potential energy that’s stored in pressurised air. You may have seen air compressors used in many tyre puncture shops. The air compressor generally forces air into the tank until it is completely full of pressurised air. The energy contained within the pressurised air tank can then be used for a host of different purposes. When air escapes at a pressure from the tank, it also releases kinetic energy. As the tank rapidly depressurises, the air compressor automatically turns on and fills the tank up with air again.

Now, you should know air compressors come in many different designs. If they were categorised by the principle of operation and by its design, the two most common types of compressors you would know about are the rotary screw compressors and the turbo compressors.

What is a Rotary Screw Compressor?

A rotary screw compressor is a machine that operates as a gas compressor. It uses a rotary type displacement system in order to replace the conventional piston compressor. A rotary screw compressor is generally used in applications where a very large amount of pressurised air is required. For instance, in many machines, pressurised air is used to power up the machine’s core functions. A rotary screw compressor can be connected to the machine in order to provide a steady supply of pressurised air. A portable rotary screw compressor is most commonly used in jackhammers, which use up a lot of power.

One of the biggest advantages of using a rotary screw compressor in place of a conventional piston compressor is the fact that the rotary compressor produces air in one sweeping motion. As a result, there’s very little surging of flow and pulsation. This is a common issue with piston compressors that you don’t have to worry about.


The most common rotary screw compressor is generally quite compact and runs with very little vibration. Because it doesn’t jerk around a lot, you don’t need to install a suspension along with it. However, most rotary compressors are generally mounted on rubber isolating mounts to absorb any major vibrations that may occur. This usually happens when the rotary compressor starts operating at very high speeds. There are two types of rotary compressors that you should know about: oil-injected and oil-free systems.

Depending upon the type of industrial application for which it will be used, the type of compressor will vary. If you need a rotary compressor for heavy-duty activity, you should probably purchase the oil-injected system. They are much more powerful and can last longer without requiring a cool-down. Before buying any compressor, it is best to contact the company and ask them to observe the application for which the compressor is needed. The company will be able to give you a better idea of whether you are buying the right-sized compressor or not.

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