Add a New Layer of Security to Your Home


Double glazing, or insulated glazing, was created in order to increase the security, reduce noise pollution, and increase the energy efficiency of your home. As your home ages, you have no doubt noticed a marked increase in your overall energy costs, probably because you have older windows which are single-glazed. Both heat and noise easily transfer through a traditional window. Over the course of a hot summer day your home is heated up by sunlight, and in winter, heat is lost through your windows faster than any other part of your home. Rather than allow this to continue, you should consider replacing your outdated windows with a far better solution.


Double glazing in Leicester was designed to give you the greatest level of comfort in your home throughout the year, regardless of the weather. As technology advanced in the last two decades, sound pollution advanced with it. Double-glazed windows were built with a layer of gas in between their two strengthened layers of glass, and this three-layered combination created the perfect cushion against noise. Homeowners no longer need to pause their favourite shows and films as they wait for a plane to pass overhead, or for their neighbours to quiet down their game of football. In fact, all noises, such as barking dogs, air conditioners, or loud traffic, are reduced by as much as 50%.


Most burglars who entered homes last year did so through windows or doors. Your old single-glazed windows do nothing to protect your home from such an occurrence, but modern double-glazing techniques have changed that fact. These amazing windows were designed with multi-point locking technology, stronger glass, and multiple layers in order to make a break-in all but impossible. Long before any potential burglar can figure out how to gain entry into your home, their tactics will be exposed and their plans ruined.

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