7 House Addition Ideas You (and Your Bank Account) Will Love


There’s never been more incentive to make those long-awaited renovations to your house. After all, thanks to COVID-19, we’re all stuck indoors with time on our hands! Remodeling projects are a great way to alleviate boredom, do something productive, and upgrade your living space (making those pesky lockdowns more palatable) while you’re at it.

It’s no surprise that industry professionals have witnessed a 58% spike in interest from eager homeowners this year! Are you thinking of doing something similar by building an addition to your property? Well, the first step is to select an epic house addition idea to get stuck into!

Want some help with that all-important task?

You’re in the right place. Today we’re going through 7 awesome budget-friendly options for anybody who’s thinking about adding an addition to a house. Check them out!

  1. A 3-Season Room

Commonly referred to as a ‘screened-in porch’, three-season rooms are one of the most cost-effective house additions anyone can make. Never heard of them? Picture your front porch with a roof and 3 windowed sides/walls!

You end up with a sheltered space that’s separate but not entirely cut off from the outside world. The roof and ‘walls’ provide protection against the elements and insects, allowing you to entertain friends and family even in inclement conditions. Better still, you don’t even need to use expensive insulation or drywall inside.

Top tip: Screen the windows instead of using glass panes. This will a) still keep the bugs out, b) let the fresh air inside, and c) save you significant sums of money on expensive glass.

  1. A Covered Patio Room

Do you have a covered patio in your backyard with access to the house? Well, add some walls around the outside and, guess what, you’ve got a brand new room with beautiful views onto (and access into) your yard!

We’ll admit, this house addition might end up being slightly more complicated than that. However, the basic idea’s not only possible, but it’s also widely practiced by homeowners everywhere. Assuming your patio’s flat and structurally sound, you can build wooden wall framing around it with relative ease.

Need proof? Head to YouTube and there are numerous tutorials that detail the DIY approach. Alternatively, call professional home remodeling services to handle it for you.

  1. A Garage Conversion

Most people use their garage to store things, protect their vehicle(s), work out in, or as a workshop for various DIY projects. However, these special spaces contain a lot of potential for far more exciting uses! For instance, why not convert your garage into a spare bedroom/guest suite?

You’ve got the basics (i.e. a roof, 4 walls, a foundation, and electricity) in place already, which makes this renovation much easier than most others. Once you’ve stripped the interior, added insulation, installed drywall, and laid fresh flooring, all that’s left to do is decorate the space! You’ll end up with a brand new bedroom without the hassle of building an addition to a house.

  1. A Room Above the Garage

Don’t want to stop using your garage for its primary purpose? Think about adding a bedroom/guest suite above it instead. If the garage roof is flat, you’ve already got a solid foundation from which to build.

Add some walls and install a roof across the top and, voila, you’re done! This would be a great addition for anyone interested in making some extra money each month by finding a tenant. Their rental payments will help your bank balance recover after the cost of constructing the space itself.

  1. An Entire Second-Story

If you’re looking for a bigger project to sink your teeth into, building a second-story should do the trick! It definitely isn’t the cheapest house addition out there, but the added square footage and resale value make it a worthy investment. Do it right and you should recoup a significant amount (if not all) of the money you spend whenever you sell the property.

Furthermore, think of all the amazing things you could do with a whole new story! From games rooms to guest rooms and everything in between, the world would be your oyster.

Make sure you work with the pros though! Attempting to add a second story without expert support from architects and builders is a recipe for trouble.

  1. A Basement Remodel

Few homeowners ever make the most of their basement. Similar to garages, these amazing spaces are full of potential! You can convert them into functional spaces, be it for entertaining guests, watching movies, or as a new bedroom for your teenaged child.

Alas, it’s hard to put a price on finishing a basement. You could spend a few hundred dollars painting the walls, installing a second-hand sofa, and laying some vinyl on the floor. Or you could fork out tens of thousands doing a complete remodel, installing new windows and a kitchenette, complete with new furniture and tech equipment.

  1. A Mudroom

Tired of dragging dirt through the house, having shoes clutter your entranceway, or leaving wet coats and umbrellas in the hall? Build a cheap mudroom!

They’re an ideal house addition that’ll keep everything in your main living space cleaner and more organized. Install some wall hooks, shelves, and storage boxes, and you can put your shoes there, hang your coats up, and leave anything that’s dirty outside (including the dog!).

Don’t Forget These House Addition Ideas

With lockdowns in full swing, huge numbers of Americans have seized the opportunity to upgrade their houses. From basic repairs to largescale remodeling projects, we’ve been renovating our properties like never before! We hope the ideas in this article will help anyone who has been thinking about doing the same thing.

Of course, inspiration means very little without action! When you eventually decide on the best alterations to make, search ‘renovation’ on the website to learn more about this topic and discover how to bring your house addition plans to fruition.

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