5 Signs It’s Time to Get a New Garage Door


It’s true, you need to get a new garage door every once in a while. You probably never saw your pops do it, but that’s because he pinched every penny he could. You might also find it surprising, but there’s a benefit to replacing the door; on average, the greater curb appeal yielded an 88% return-on-investment.

How do you know when to get a new garage door? These are the 5 signs it’s time to replace that creaky, old door.

  1. That’s a Lot of Noise

You shouldn’t be waking up the neighbors three-doors-down when you come home at night. But try as you might, you’ll get a nasty Facebook notification about it from a cranky neighbor. Can you blame them, though? — your door should not be making that noise.

Noise is indicative of a lot of wear and tear, especially in motor components. If there’s a grinding or rattling noise omitted from your garage door motor, it’s on its last legs. You might be able to get away with a squeaky garage door, though.

We don’t recommend DIY garage door installation. You really should use a professional installation team.

  1. Get a New Garage Door If It’s Hard to Open

Doors are meant to be open. And some are meant for closure. But if you can’t do either, then it’s no door at all.

When you’re having trouble with the door crawling its way up the rail, then you should invest in a new door. It may be a motor issue, and those are replaceable, but that can be just as expensive as a new door.

Some things just stop working properly after a while. Nothing is rated to last forever, this includes garage doors.

  1. There Shouldn’t Be Any Sag

In the past, a lot of garage doors were made strictly from wood. Your forefathers didn’t have that fancy, lightweight polycarbonate aluminum. If your house is vintage, and vintage is in style right now, you might have a wooden garage door.

Wood suffers from sag and deterioration from age and exposure to the elements. A sagging door is a sign that the wood is rotten, and the door should be replaced.

  1. Puddles in the Garage

Are your feet getting wet while in the garage? That can’t be good. There should be no leaks anywhere on the interior of your home.

If your garage door is the obvious source of a leak or exposure to the outside, you must replace it immediately. Interior leaking can cause serious damage to structures, flooring, and other elements not graded for exterior conditions.

  1. Visible Damage

Who hasn’t backed into their garage door? You might do it once or twice a week — all is well.

If your garage door is visibly damaged, replace it. A new smile for your home will drastically increase curb appeal.

Open Sesame!

The garage door is one of the first things people notice about your house. Sometimes, your home needs a new garage door to be inviting. There are a few signs that indicate it’s time to make a replacement.

If your door is making a lot of noise, has trouble opening, has significant sag or damage, or is causing leakage, then you should get a garage door replacement.

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