6 House plants That Make A Thoughtful Gift for Your Loved Ones


Seeking for a perfect gift for your loved ones? Although you can go with a lot of gift options like flowers or greetings or soft toys or cakes, that would be too common. Right? How about a houseplant? Yes, a houseplant makes a thoughtful gift for any occasion as they bring good luck with them. They are also considered as natural air purifiers and pest controllers. Another good reason of gifting house plants is that anyone can add beauty to their houses by placing houseplants in the interiors. But, do you know which house plants make the best plant gifts?

Here is a list of 5 beautiful houseplants that you can gift to your loved ones on different occasions:


When it comes to plant gifts, Amaryllis are crowd favorite. This flower grows in the winter and is often sold as a bulb in a decorative container. Amaryllis is an easy growing plant and it requires very little watering. For occasions like Christmas or a housewarming party, Amaryllis makes the best plant gift.

Lucky Bamboo:

Are you looking for a gift for your friend who have just moved to a new house? If yes, then this houseplant is the perfect gift for him. As the name suggests, bamboo plant is considered lucky for any new beginning according to the Feng shui lores. That’s why this plant is considered good for work space as well as for home.

Money Plant:

Money plant is a perfect gift for anyone who loves growing plants. This lush green house plant can purify all the toxins from your indoor air and provide you clean air to breathe. Money plant is also believed to attract wealth and prosperity in life. That’s why it is an ideal plant to gift your loved ones on special occasions.

The Jade Plant :

Adorned with glossy thick leaves, the jade plant is evergreen and can beautify any space with its presence. If you want to congratulate someone for an achievement or wish good luck to someone for a new beginning, then, this houseplant is an ideal gift. It is because, the Jade plant is considered as a good luck charm.

The Snake Plant:

Also known as ‘Mother-in-law’s tongue’, the snake plant is a highly recommended houseplant. It is because the snake plant helps in improving the air quality of a house. It also makes a highly tolerant plant which is extremely easy to care. So, if you want to wish someone good health, gift him the snake plant.

Golden Pothos:

These golden and beautiful houseplants are one of the best indoor plants that can remove the toxins from the air. It is an ideal houseplant to decorate your house with because it helps in providing you a health-friendly living space. So, on occasions like Mother’s Day or your father’s Day, you can shower your love on your parents by gifting them a potted golden pothos.

So, these were some of the beautiful house plants that you can gift to your loved ones and bring happiness in their life.

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