5 Best Bathroom Tile Designs for Your Home


Did you get bored from the current look of your bathroom? If yes, there is a way by which you can revamp and update that: Tiles! Yes, if you change the tiles of your bathroom, you can transform the entire look of the place.

There’s something comforting and relaxing about having a gorgeous-looking bathroom. Don’t you agree? However, designing a bathroom is complicated because this space deals with plenty of water, so we have to pick our materials accordingly. That’s why these days, tiles are one of the most popular choices for many homeowners as they are incredibly water-resistant!

Bathrooms are so much more than simply functional. You can create a bold impact with your eye-catching bath designs. From mosaic, ceramic to porcelain and glass, there are various types of tiles for the bathroom available in the market. Today in this blog, we’ve compiled up five trendy tiles for your bathroom design. These tile designs work perfectly for both small and large bathrooms.

Here are the top 5 trendy tile design ideas for your bathroom in 2021:

  1. Designer Graphic Tiles

Create an artistic look in your bathroom with unique graphic tiles. These designer tiles are significantly in demand now. They come in a wide range of color combinations and patterns.

You can go with the neutral tones or the contrasting design and make your bathroom look attractive and cozy. The best thing is that you can use these tiles on your floor or walls, or both!

  1. Traditional Black & White Tiles

Black and white bathroom tiles can never go out of fashion. If you want to create a traditional look, go for square-shaped bathroom floor tiles in solid black and white, or go for wall tiles in geometric patterns. This will be one of the best bathroom floor tile ideas and a perfect way to add a little traditional touch to your bathrooms.

  1. Classic Subway Tiles

If you want to give a classic and neutral look to your bathrooms, go for subway tiles. They look outstanding in certain bathroom areas, such as on walls and shower areas. For a stylish twist, try contrasting colors. You can choose the layout of the tiles for the bathroom according to your choice. Both herringbone and zig-zag patterns look fantastic.

  1. Metallic Finishes Tiles

Add some drama and glam to your bathroom with these stylish metallic tiles. They’re shiny, reflective, and will surely give your space a gorgeous yet edgy makeover. They can instantly make any bathing space look fascinating. It’s a perfect option to create a modern and futuristic bathroom.

  1. Luxurious Marble Tiles

Another way to add luxuriousness and glamour to your bathroom is the super classic Marble tiles. These tiles are so popular that they’re always in high demand. You can buy marble in large or small formats; both ways, they will look stunning. They specifically look great in large bathrooms; however, you can also use marble tiles in smaller spaces.


So, these were some of the top trends of bathroom tiles. Always select the design or pattern according to your bathroom size and the rest of the interior of your home. This way, you can easily be able to create a modish and impactful bathroom. What are you waiting for? Select the right tiles for the bathroom and give a stunning makeover!

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