Why Your Home Should Have Aluminium Windows: Top Five Reasons


When you’re asked to tell friends and neighbours why you upgraded your home with new windows, you may find it a bit difficult to limit your answer to five reasons. All you can do is hope they have asked for that number and don’t expect you to give you a complete list of all the benefits that homeowners receive when they invest in these additions.

Suppose you have an older home and the windows are original to the structure. Or, suppose you live in that same older home but you or a previous resident added windows many years earlier. In both situations, you may find that the wood frames are no longer keeping the cold air out in winter or keeping the cool air in during the summer months. In spite of the attention you have given these windows, they aren’t giving you the service they once did.

Major Reason

The first reason for having new windows installed involves the comfort of your family members and guests. New aluminium windows deliver an amazing level of insulation, keeping the cold air outside and preserving the warm air inside for winter comfort.  When you add the insulating properties of double-glazing with air space between two panes of glass, you’ll notice the level of comfort will rise immediately on installation.

In fact, this is the major reason that homeowners give for adding new windows made with high-quality aluminium frames. When they discuss the insulating qualities, they quickly move to another solid reason for upgrading their windows: saving money on energy costs. Because the new windows are so airtight, the homeowner finds that his or her heating and cooling bills are reduced dramatically. By some estimates, these costs drop by a full one-third when compared to bills from the previous season.

When a property owner adds time-saving to the list of reasons for new windows, he or she sings the praises of the upgrade because he or she doesn’t have to spend much time on window frame maintenance. A few minutes for a visual inspection and a minute or two for quickly wiping the frame down with a damp cloth – that’s about all the time that the homeowner must devote to maintenance.

Reason #4

The fourth among the top five reasons why your home should have new windows has to do with appearance. Manufacturers and suppliers such as Albany Windows take great pride in the look of their products, to put it in basic terms. These outstanding items are available in a range of electrostatic powder coats and anodised finishes. When you talk with a representative from this leading supplier, he or she will assist you in finding the perfect window for your home.

While this may not be the first reason homeowners think of when deciding to install new windows, it probably shouldn’t be the last. Well-made windows with sturdy aluminium frames provide a much-needed level of security for your home. These products meet or exceed the highest standards for design with internal beading for added security, strong hinges and locks, and multi-point locking for extra protection.

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