Why Basement Tanking Is Important For Your House


Basement tanking or basement waterproofing is the last thing on the minds of homeowners during home improvement projects. However, moisture-based damage in the form of moulds and damp is going to ruin your basement, if you do not deal with it in the right way. The problem can be especially significant in houses, which have their basement located in the vicinity high moisture sources.

Benefits homeowners get by waterproofing their crawl spaces:

  1. Usable space and enhanced property value: Most of us imagine the basement as a dusty dark and dank space where all the junk can be dumped away. However, no part of your home deserves such a bad treatment. The basement makes up an entire floor and it can account for up to 50 percent of the home’s entire space. It is not appropriate to leave this space for letting bacteria and moulds to flourish.

Waterproofing of the basement assists in creating a healthy space in your home that can be used in so many ways. There are people that have dedicated the basement space to work on their hobbies like artwork. This is a much more brilliant way to use a major part of your home!

  1. Cut down costs: One of the prominent advantages that you get with the waterproofing of the basement is an enhanced energy efficiency of the home. This happens because the old cracks present in the house, particularly in the basement are sealed during the process.

It prevents the heat from escaping out to the colder surrounds during the winter months and fall. While in the summers, the home would be insulated from excess moisture present in the atmosphere. Thus, the burden on the home air conditioning system due to high humidity levels gets reduced.

  1. Safety from health issues: If there are dangerous bacteria and moulds growing in the basement of the home, you and your family members are prone to serious health risks. The exposure to mould growth over a continuous period of time makes one liable to varied health risks. Many people develop different kinds of allergies due to mould growth.
  2. Your home is protected: With the house getting an adequate protection from the moisture seepage, the home and its furnishings are safer and get prevented from deterioration. The iron support rods present within the walls of the home would be protected from rusting. Basement waterproofing maintains the structural integrity of the house in the long run.

Due to the tremendous advantages that you get with basement tanking, it is imperative to reach out to a professional for making your dwelling safe from the effects of seepage and enhance its value.

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