What’s the difference between hardwood flooring and Engineered wood flooring?


Flooring is not only a decorative ornament; it is also functional. Choosing of the best flooring of your home becomes an important factor as the flooring should withstand impact, match the style of your interiors, maintenance friendly etc. Finding the right style of timber flooring in Epping can be a major challenge, and the above-said factors have also to be seen to before the right type of flooring is chosen for your home. To help you with your choice, let’s compare the two major types of timber flooring in Epping markets.

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Hardwood is one type of flooring style that has covered most hearts with its simplicity yet subtle charm. Bring hardwood flooring to your home will make it look more elegant and give depth to the room. Timber flooring in Epping has a market that holds several styles, designs and colors of hardwood flooring for the people. One major benefit of using hardwood is that it can match both traditional and modern styling to your floors.

There can be several patterns adopted in hardwood flooring like chevron, herringbone under the exotic wood types category. Hardwood has greater durability like its greater price range; all it requires is proper maintenance. Any hardwood flooring has the capacity to undergo sanding and to refinish, approximately 5-10 times in the entire life of the timber flooring. A hardwood flooring installed home also has a better resale value among the buyers. Hardwood is also a prevalent choice in the area of high traffic in the house like the living room, stairs, dining area as it creates a better illusion of the lighting in these areas and appears brighter.

  1. Engineered flooring:

An engineered flooring option is a better choice when it usually comes to maintaining steady humidity and temperature changes. A hardwood floor is made up of several layers of plywood glued vertically and finally a wooden layer on the top. The top wooden layer is usually given a finishing touch by polyurethane or oil finish.

The installation of engineered flooring is as easy as solid wood flooring. Moreover, engineered flooring is not much prone to damages because of moisture and temperature fluctuations and increases its longevity. So, it’s a very popular choice in places where solid wood is not a good option.

Generally, engineered flooring is more suitable to a location where it is more humid. The prefinished types can also be easily installed, maintenance required is also much less in the case of timber flooring in Epping.

On a comparative tone, both the flooring types are equally good in the timber flooring markets of Epping. When finishing is considered, sanding and finishing hardwood flooring makes it messier and time-consuming. Contrary engineered floors come prefinished directly from the factory and require less finishing process during installation. Installation requires less of your efforts and time in engineered wood flooring. If the budget for flooring is not a big concern, the best option would be to go for Hardwood timber flooring in Epping.

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