Ways to Get that Shine Back on your Concrete Floors


Concrete floors are very attractive, not to mention hard wearing and durable, and if one wants to bring out a shine, there are ways to achieve this. No flooring material is completely maintenance free, and while concrete floors are easy to keep clean, they do require some attention. The level of maintenance a concrete floor needs will depend on the volume of traffic. Residential areas usually are light traffic areas, and would require less attention than a commercial, or retail floor.

A domestic concrete floor

Ideally, the surface would be polished, and there are state of the art machines that can achieve a very high level of sheen. This should be undertaken by a professional, as it isn’t just a question of going over the area, and by using an expert who would have access to the right equipment, one can be sure the finish will be first class. If a person is in Western Australia, and is looking for the right equipment, Taman Diamond Tools are suppliers of concrete grinding tools and with an extensive range, there will be something for any job, big or small.

Sealing the floor

After the polishing is completed, a few coats of sealant should be applied. This must be done carefully, making sure to overlap with each new set of strokes. Start at the far end to ensure one doesn’t have to walk on the wet areas of the floor, and work slowly, allowing the sealant to dry completely, before adding another coat. This stage takes a while, as each coat of sealant must dry before adding a new one, so allow for a couple of days before letting people walk on the surface. Concrete grinding tools come in a range of sizes and types, so make sure to use the right one. If in doubt, any reputable supplier would be happy to advise on all aspects of concrete floor preparation.

Added shine

Apart from protecting the floor, the sealant and polishing brings up a great shine, which makes the floor look so much more distinguished. This is one of the advantages of treating the concrete floor, and many homes sport a shiny concrete floor for this very reason.


Once the sealant is dry, one can wax and further polish the surface for even more protection, which will help prevent stains and discolouration. Waxing the floor means less maintenance in the long run, so consider this option when treating the surface.

Post sealing maintenance

There really isn’t very much to do, except a sweep and mop on a daily basis, which will keep the concrete floor looking pristine at all times. Stains can easily be removed, as they are not able to penetrate the sealant or wax, making the cleaning operation a minor one.

Concrete flooring is very popular, and if treated properly, will give years of faithful service, and as long as the surface is protected, one will always have the ideal flooring for any domestic environment.

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