Transform Your Glass Panes Into Double-glazed Panes


Glass is considered a good conductor of heat. Therefore, if your windowpanes are made of a single-glass pane, the heat in a room literally escapes. When you install a double-glazed pane, however, a layer of air is captured between the two tiers. Because air does not conduct heat well, less heat escapes through the window.

How Double-glazing Works

Double-glazing works as follows:

  • The double-glazing design traps air between the two panes.
  • Because air is not a good conductor of heat, it sets up a barrier between the warm air (in winter) on one side of the glass and the ambient cold air. As a result, your home stays warmer in the winter without the use of additional energy. It also stays cooler in the summer, as the glass keeps the heat on the outside.
  • The use of low emissivity or low E glass by a double-glazing company in Harrogate provides the homeowner with an even greater reduction in heat loss.

No More Condensation

Double-glazing is appreciated in the UK as it acts as a kind of insulation. Once you install the product in your home, you will no longer feel cold spots or draughts. You will also notice the condensation on your windows evaporate. Condensation does not form because of the additional space between the panes.

You can use special glass for double-glazed designs. These glass types can be used for security, safety, or fire resistance. If you want to make sure you optimise your energy use, your replacement windows should be made of double-glazed glass.


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