The Many Benefits Of Fibre Cement Sheeting For Your Home


As new houses are being built in Australia, more and more people are taking the green option and building their homes with the environment in mind. When building a new home we are looking for modern styles and affordability, but also something that is going to last all down through the years. One particular product is becoming very popular nowadays and it has been around for years, but is now experiencing a comeback. It is fibre cement siding and even though it has been around a very long time, its resurgence is down to the choices that are now available to the average home owner or builder.

It isn’t just popular with homeowners but with contractors and architects as well. It looks great on all homes and it is easy to install as well. Here are some reasons why fibre cement sheeting in Brisbane is loved throughout the building industry.

  1. It Lasts A Long Time

Fibre cement sheeting has all the necessary combinations in its manufacture to make it one of the longest serving types of construction materials. It is made up of sand, cement and cellulose materials that allow it to stand up even to the worst weather Australia has to offer. Insects don’t like it as it is almost impossible for them to bore through it or live in it. When you compare it to the likes of vinyl and aluminium, sure it’s a little more expensive, but it lasts a lot longer and that saves you money over the very long term.

  1. Great Style And Versatility

Fibre cement sheeting just looks great. There is no comparison when you want to find something that just blends in effortlessly. It looks great from the road and people will actually stop and look at it when it is installed on your home. It comes in many distinct colours and patterns and there is even a wood look sheeting option that looks just like the real thing. It costs a fraction of what real wood would cost you, but with none of the maintenance costs associated with it. It really does look amazing.

  1. It Really Looks Like Real Wood

As mentioned before, this material really does look like wood and its counterparts like aluminium and vinyl just can’t pull it off. It will give you the look and feel of wood but without the need for staining, repainting and sealing and that’s a lot of work you get to avoid, but you still get the very realistic look of wood. The texture of the wood effect fibre cement sheeting actually does feel like the real thing and grains can be reproduced on the sheeting, mimicking the appearance that they were formed over many years – just like real wood.

This fantastic resource is very easy to install and builders, homeowners and architects love it. It is popular in Australia for a reason and if you haven’t already installed it on your house, go take a look at what it has to offer you and your home.

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