Simple Ways That Ensure A Non-Slip Driveway Throughout The Year


Ask a person who has just survived a tragic slip. The life flashed before his/her eyes as if this would be going to be the last day. The person can be you. There are at times when the driveway might betray you or your reputation. You are watching your guest wobbling and finally slipping down during the chilly winter days only because of a slippery surface.

In such cases, the house owner might wonder what went wrong that the surface still remains slippery. Well, according to the professionals, even after treatment and measures, maintaining a non-slip driveway is always going to be a challenging one. The real gainsay comes from varying weather condition. The driveway might surely act differently during the summers, winters and rainy seasons. It is almost impossible to change the driveway thrice every year. Apart from this, the cost-effectiveness of the maintenance should always be kept in mind.

Possible Ways to Keep Anti-Slip throughout the Year

Tested under different weather conditions of Sydney, the following are some of the effective ways by which a driveway can remain non-slippery throughout the year–

  • Changing the Construction Material

There can be various ways by which a driveway can be constructed. However, the most reliable one is the one that does not cause any injury, and the cost of installation and maintenance is also the least. Based on that, alterations of the construction of the material of the driveway would ensure that it remains slip resistant one.

Therefore, in most of the cases, gravel driveways are constructed. The professionals during the construction of a non-slip driveway, emphasise on laying a layer of sand to make sure that the maximum moisture is absorbed from the surface keeping the gravels dry.

Apart from this, such driveways enhance the aesthetic beauty of the house.

  • Slip Resistant Coating

Some companies offer products guaranteeing slip-resistant surface all the year-round. Therefore, based on the budget, such products can be applied on the original surface to have a non-slip driveway. However, the experts suggest not to compromise with the quality during the selection of such products.

  • Creating a Surface with Better Finish

Majority of the instances of the slips have occurred only when a person is unable to grip properly on the surface. Apart from this, a slippery driveway is equally risky for the vehicles. Therefore, another effective way to keep the driveway slip-resistant for the entire year is to give the surface a rough finish.

One of them is giving it a broom finish. This type of finish does not allow water to stay long on the surface. In addition to this, it forms a beautiful texture while creating a non-slip driveway. As per the experts, it is an excellent way of ensuring an evergreen slip-resistant surface for houses or commercial places.


It is not only about constructing a driveway. Priority should be laid on ensuring the construction of a safe driveway that goes well throughout the year.

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