Platform Lifts Or Stair Lifts – The Perfect Solution For Elderly People


Out of several options available in the category of increasing mobility devices for elders at your place, stair lifts or platform lifts hold a special position. These are products which give complete independence increasing mobility for the elderly and the specially abled persons. There are lifts that are specifically conceptualised for both outdoor and indoor usage.

Knowing the Difference between Platform Lifts and Stairlifts is Important

Prior to choosing home elevators, it is important to know the various options available and the way they would suit your home. Platform lifts are basically wheelchair or porch lifts specifically designed for facilitating the movement of wheelchair users. The platforms help people in rolling themselves on before ascending or descending. On the other hand, stairlifts are less powered and can easily be installed indoors or outdoors. They provide safe and compostable solutions to go down basements or get up porches.

So, how do stair and platforms lifts serve as the perfect solution for elderly people? Have a look below:

Comfort and ease of use

Residential stair lifts are both easy to use and comfortable. These lifts have chairs with cushioned seats. Majority of the models available in the market come in varied upholstery colour options for the users to make their choice. One of the best things about these lifts is that they can be operated very easily. Users simply need to push and hold the switch of the lift to go upstairs and do just the opposite for going downstairs. These lifts are available with two-keyed remotes so that more that it gets easier for people to use the lift as per their requirements.

Avoid injuries

Senior citizens have mobility issues and it would not be convenient for them to use the staircase. There are many elderly people found saying that they use the staircase for staying fit and healthy. This is a misconception though. Using the stairs might be a good exercise for athletes and young but not for the aged people with mobility issues. The seniors can exercise safely by walking at the nearby parks or tracks rather than taking the stairs. One missed the step while walking up or down the stairs and the seniors can end up with a broken leg, hip or hand. Stairlifts thus serve as one of the most convenient options for preventing serious injuries in elderly people.

Complete independence

There are many homeowners who like to go for platform or stair lifts out of the various options available in the market. This is because stair lifts restore complete independence to the seniors. The aged people living in two-story homes cannot use the stairs and they are not fully independent. They generally need to depend on their caregivers or a family member to help them get up and down the stairs to enjoy some fresh air. This problem can easily be done away with by making use of a stair lift. Stairlifts allow the elderly people with mobility problems to regain their lost independence as they are able to use all the different levels of their abodes safely and conveniently.

Stairlifts allow the aged people to stay in the comforts of their home and under the kind and loving care of their family members. Despite the obvious advantages that these lifts offer to the elderly, it would be wrong to say that they are just for the older people. Almost any person with mobility issues can reap the greatest benefits of lifts at home.

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