Making Your Bathroom Last For Years To Come


The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house, and within just a few days of usage without any cleaning, it can be the dirtiest and most unglamorous room of your house. It is, therefore, crucial keeping the cleanliness of this room a priority. While everyone recognizes the need for cleanliness, many overlook what really is needed to keep this room sparkly clean. The key is regularly checking your bathroom for common problems and catch them early on, such as leaks in the plumbing, problematic ventilation, and mold and mildew before they become a costly problem later on. Preventive maintenance is key. Read on below for some of the maintenance tips to make your bathroom last for years to come.

Checking An Dealing With Leaks and Moisture

Its a bathroom so naturally there would be a lot of moisture and condensation. It is imperative you stop moisture in its tracks by making sure that there is no leaking plumbing and the ventilation system is working as it should. A great tip is using moisture repellent products. Spray and apply them to bathroom cladding, walls, and doors. These makes water bead and just run off to the drain. This should be similar to those used in automotive applications. This makes it so much easier for these bathroom parts to clean. If your bathroom has an exhaust fan pulling out air, make sure that you repair or have it serviced as soon as it fails. If you have a window, keep it slightly open while taking a shower. Steam leaves condensation and a warm environment for mildew and mold to grow. Keep out wet towels and dry them out properly in another well-ventilated room or outside if possible.

Tile Maintenance

A typical bathroom will most likely have tiled surfaces. These need to be properly grouted to prevent moisture from seeping in between the tiling. This grout is susceptible to mold. WHenever grout shows signs of damage repair or have it repaired immediately. Caulking is also one of the waterproofing treatments that you should check as these peels off over time.

Maintaining Shower Curtains or Glass Doors

The shower area is typically the wettest part of the bathroom and therefore is the most susceptible to mildew and molds. If you have a shower curtain, make sure you spray the bottom part of the curtain with mild bleach every now and then to prevent mold build up and make sure to stretch it full after showering to facilitate drying. Shower glass doors need to be checked regularly as well. The seals around these glass doors can be replaced without replacing the entire door itself.

General Cleaning

Schedule a general cleaning at least every month for your bathroom. A cleanup once per week is also a good deal for keeping the bathroom clean abut a general deep cleaning is necessary for those hard to reach areas. Use an all-purpose bathroom cleaning product and avoid abrasive cleaners as they may damage the grout and the ceramic coating of your porcelain such as the toilet, the sinks, and the counters.

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