Making Water Safer to Drink


You can enjoy the benefits of a purified or improved water supply. Quality water treatment is supplied for both commercial businesses and home. Not only does water treatment disinfect and filtrate water supplies, it can also purify water to the standards of bottled water supplies. Sometimes a treatment is used to adjust the pH of water.

What Is a Water’s pH?

The pH of water measures the acidity or alkalinity of water. Therefore, a pH scale ranges from 0 to 14, with 7 representing a neutral pH. Drinking water is represented by a pH range of 6 to 8.5. The pH in water results from the minerals that are found at the water’s source and can also be affected by elements such as acid rain.

If water has a pH value that is less than 7 then, it is considered acidic. Acidic water can corrode plumbing. Lower pH water can also leach metals from pipes, which leads to problems with leaky plumbing and health difficulties. If the pH number is above 7, the rating indicates the alkalinity of the water and therefore impacts a water’s taste.

Basic Water Treatment

Barnstaple water treatment specialists treat water in various ways to ensure that the pH falls at a healthy and palatable level. In addition to adjusting the pH level of water, treatment professionals also work to filter some of the heavy metals that may be present. This process may include reducing the iron or manganese content, removing colour, lowering the water’s hardness or reducing turbidity.

Taking an analysis of a water supply then helps treatment professionals to identify a treatment process. Because water is derived from various sources, it can take on different attributes. Therefore, the water’s make-up depends on the type of ground over which the water travelled before it was abstracted. When water makes its passage to a water supply, it often carries organic compounds, contaminants, or minerals with it. Some of these elements will be safe, whilst others are not healthful.

Do you need to have your water treated and adjusted? If so, contact a professional water treatment company for an analysis and recommendations.

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