How to maintain a garden in the yard?


In today’s world people are undergoing a stressful jobs and they daily doing the routine work so he/she will become bored at one point of time and they started to go for the organic plantation. Planting is one of the best hobby which gives relaxation and pleasant mind so it also helps to live a healthy life because vegetables in market are more pesticide in order to get a high yield.

Many people are interested in this but they are not getting proper place but nowadays people are undergoing terrace plantation using the grow bag so it doesn’t require any extra space. Thus also many may fear that it will spoil the concrete but using the grow bag is simple because it doesn’t contain soli instead of the they uses coir pith so it weight less and can able to store more water during summer time also. Before getting into this, people should know how to grow vegetables so we need some basic knowledge about plants then also what should do and not to do. As, I learned so much from Martha’s well-explained articles it is getting better through gardening information.

The three major things you need to consider before plantation is soil strength, water facility, sunlight and place if all the above things are set you are ready to go. In this field it’s that how much you learned it’s all about the experience so you will gain some experience daily. Next thing you have to consider about the fertilizer because only soil doesn’t gives you a good minerals using the fertilizer is the most thing. It is recommended to use only the organic fertilizer not chemical one thus we can use lime, rock phosphate and green sand which provides necessary minerals to the soil but we need to add some organic fertilizers also such as compost, animal manures, kitchen waste and cow’s waste.

It helps to increase the fertility of the soil which provides nitrogen to the plants and also the other nutrients which are needed for the plants to grow. We need to consider the season before planting any crops so we need to select the crops which are suitable for the current scenario but some vegetables are there which can grow throughout the year. Each plant must be awarded equal space so it can able to spread the root freely without getting collide and it you tightly planted the crops means the plant doesn’t attain their regular shape. The seeds are one of the raw material for this so we need to select the best one then for our next harvest we can use our own plants seeds so soil can easily accept to it then we will surely get healthy organic plants.

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