How to Install Wall-Mounted Air Conditioner


Experiencing the summer heat is one of the most unbearable feelings. To save yourself from this unpleasant experience, try investing in a cooling device this season. When it comes to air conditioners, you can get lost in the wide array of options available. If space is your primary consideration, then a wall-mounted air conditioner is the best choice today.

Unlike a window-type air conditioner, it offers more convenience, as you will not have an appliance blocking your room’s view. It is also a safer choice since the locks of window-type conditioners can easily be opened and used as an entry point for burglars.

Now, if you want to perform a do-it-yourself installation so you can save money, here is an informative way of setting up your newly bought air conditioner.

Step #1 Choose your installation area

The most crucial part of installing your wall air conditioner is finding the ideal area where you can place your cooling device. It is best to place it at least 8ft above the floor, so you can maximise its air circulation capacity.

Another important consideration when choosing a space is that there should be no electrical wiring running across the space that you plan to install your air conditioner. To ensure there is no wiring, it is advised to use a stud finder on your chosen wall. If you encounter wiring on the spot and have no other area to place your cooling appliance, you might need to call an electrician to reroute the electrical system.

Once you have cleared your desired spot, use a level as a guide to creating your rectangular opening. The size of the hole you should create should be two inches bigger than the air conditioner itself.

After marking this, work on your drywall opening. You can use a handsaw and a hammer to create a hole in it. However, if you have a power drill, you can use it to make a hole on your exterior wall and complete the process using a reciprocating saw.

Step 2 # Add the frames

When you are done creating an adequately-sized hole for your air conditioner, the next thing to do is install the frames. These frames will prevent your air conditioning from accumulating moisture in the area.

Step 3 # Mount the air conditioner

Once the space and frame of the wall-mounted air conditioner have been set-up, you can mount the unit. To protect it during installation, it is best to mount the case first and then insert the chassis after. This way, even if you encounter problems fitting the unit, the only thing to get damaged is the case.

After mounting your air conditioner on the wall, the final step is to seal all the opened spaces with a silicone caulk or insulation piece to protect it from undesirable elements.

Installing an air conditioning system on your wall is a simple process. Once done, you can now enjoy its cool breeze and beat the summer.

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