Container Modular Is An Inevitable Trend And The Key Direction Of Future Development!


container module

Looking at container modular separately, it is a combination of a thing and a concept. Containers are one of the common transportation and handling tools in many of our terminals. The advantage of containers is that they form a closed space, have a certain degree of firmness, and reasonably use the space for transportation. Modularization means that we decompose a big problem into modules and make the big problem smaller after breaking it into pieces; through the links of various modules, they run in with each other to form a whole system. Then container module is the realization of the container housing project through the concept of modularization.

One. The role of container modular

1, container modular is more convenient to move

The container itself is a very convenient tool for moving, which significantly increases the height and space, and can be superimposed on each other reasonably. Want two floors or three floors? Or do you want front and rear gardens? Want a three-bedroom or two-bedroom? Need wet and dry separation? Do you still need a children’s room? The finished product can be easily formed by overlapping the containers with each other. It’s like integrating each module to finally create a whole set of villas. But when you want to move, you can directly relocate each independent container modular section. You can quickly move without changing all the internal structures.

2. The container modular is more solid for living

Sturdy, durable, and pressure-bearing have always been the characteristics of containers. Because the appearance of the container is to transport more stringent products, its firmness is not much different from our reinforced concrete or wooden houses. The basic structure is quite strong, which is one of the reasons why the containers can be stacked layer by layer without deformation. The key is that in practical applications, we have also increased the waterproofness of the container, which can prevent water seepage in the gap. Compared with other houses, this feature has an absolute advantage.

3. The practicality of container modular environmental protection concept

Environmental protection is actually the reason for thinking about container modular processing in the first place. Because the materials used in containers are steel plates and wooden materials, once the containers are transported and eliminated for various reasons, they can be reused if they become waste materials. Still, to save this process, we directly refit them. It has become a house that can now be moved in, which significantly saves the cost of manual renovation and fully conforms to our environmental protection concept around the world.

two, the container modular needs to be enhanced.

1, container modular needs to increase performance internally

Although container modular houses have a certain degree of waterproofness, we also need to consider fire resistance, thermal insulation, and sound insulation if we live in them. If it is a formal living environment, we need to cook and cook in it, so the fire resistance needs to be improved, and more fireproof materials or coatings need to be added. Insulation can be used to add insulation cotton layer inside or have some electrical equipment to keep warm. The sound insulation effect can be achieved using a sound insulation layer, or a vacuum barrier.

2. The container modular needs to increase the use performance in energy

Nowadays, many container modular houses are converted into electricity through solar energy. By converting solar energy, the effect of the minimum electric energy consumption in the container can be achieved. The materials for solar energy and the conversion function of solar energy also need to be significantly strengthened. This is also one of the main points of making the container infinitely close to our permanent residence.

Three, the use area of container modular

1. Use container modular in industrial buildings

The industry here includes our normal construction sites, mine reclamation teams, and wharf workers. They have been working in this place for a long time, and there are relatively few places where they can stay. If they can use container modular to stay, it will greatly reduce the cost of living. It must be warm and functional to ensure a good living and sleep when you are working and greatly increase your work efficiency.

2. Use container modular in the exhibition hall

Many first-tier cities now have exhibition halls for some artworks, which we call roadshows. If you go to a town or even a country every time and build it all over again, it is very labor-intensive and physical. Then if we can directly make the whole set well, we can quickly achieve the effect of transporting the exhibition hall by moving the container. Such mobile cafes, hotels, etc., are all in this mode.

We all know that this container modular model is widespread abroad. However, it is still a relatively new model in our country, mainly related to our traditional and fixed thinking and living model. Still, as our market is young, This model will become the mainstream living and living model in the future!

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