Climate Control – A New Dimension in Home Improvements


The term “climate control” has become a commonly used way to combine heating and ventilation, along with air conditioning, to provide the homeowner with the desired temperature all year round. Before, people thought of heating only, and if you wanted some ventilation, simply open the windows, yet that was in a time when air conditioning was something exclusively for the tropical regions, and certainly wasn’t necessary in the UK.

Global Warming

If anyone needed solid proof that global warming is real, take a look at the air conditioning industry in the UK at the moment. An industry that was non-existent a few decades ago, is now a booming concern, as summers get hotter and hotter and people search for a cost effective solution. As with anything, the demand has resulted in technological advances, and with heat pumps, it is possible to transfer heat from the exterior to the interior, or vice versa. Heat pumps come in two main categories, air to air, which simply heat the exterior air and channel it into the home via special fans. The other type is an air to water heat pump, and this can be used to heat a traditional water central heating system and can also heat all your hot water. Winters have always been cold in the UK, after all, we are perched on the edge of the Atlantic gulf stream, and consequently have to endure some serious weather, yet summers are becoming increasingly warmer, with temperature records constantly being broken. Air conditioning is now an accepted way to achieve the right temperature in the home, and by morphing this with the heating system, you have a very energy efficient way to control the climate.

Heat Pumps

A heat pump can be used in conjunction with an existing system, as it can heat up your central heating and also give you adequate hot water. Some homes have a hot air heating system, which would either be fueled by gas or electricity, and by adding an air to air heat pump, the energy savings can be significant. A quick online search should reveal the location of a specialist climate control company that provides a heat pump heating system in West Sussex.

Climate Control

One system can give the homeowner the desired climate conditions at all times, which incorporates heating, ventilation, hot water, and air conditioning. If you are building a new home, talk to such a company who can design the ultimate climate control system that is unique to your property, giving you an energy efficient way to optimise the climate. Even if you already have a central heating system, but would like to cut your costs, a heat pump can significantly reduce your energy consumption, which makes sense in the long term.

Modern solutions are not only energy efficient, they work silently in the background to keep your home comfortable, whatever the season.

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