6 Easy Tips to Make Packing Easier


When you make the final dot in a decision to move it looks like a feat for a regular person. But once you look at the amount of stuff silently mocking you at every corner of your home you begin to realize that the triumph will be achieved only after everything is packed. Packing is one of the most complicated and toughest periods in the moving process, however there are lots of things that will make this period easier, such as hiring professional Calgary movers or inviting your friends for some help. Whatever makes your life easier – do it. Meanwhile, keep in mind easy tips about packing from expert moving companies.


Packing Tip #1: Do not procrastinate. One of the worst decisions that you can make is postponing packing to the last minute. According to Calgary movers if you postpone your packing duties till the last week or couple of days you will not only have much more boxes but also more broken or damaged items and even forgotten things. So not to get caught by the unexpected appearance of moving company on your moving day, start packing a couple of boxes every day starting two weeks prior to the move.

Packing Tip #2: Pack room-by-room. This is very important if you want your unpacking also go smooth. Movers advise packing each room separately so that you know what box belongs where when unloading the truck and also so that you will know what is more important. Moreover, in this way nothing will be lost, because after the packing is done in each room you will have free space and a list of packed things.

Packing Tip #3: Label everything. You definitely do not want to run all over the house looking where you have packed your child’s favorite toy or a spare pair of socks. So when packing every single box, write on it all the items packed and also label the room it belongs to.

Packing Tip #4: Stay clean. This is a common delusion that newspaper is the best friend for those who pack. It is completely untrue because newspaper ink leaves stains on everything it contacts. So instead of newspaper either use paper towels or opt for bubble wrap to get even better results.

Packing Tip #5: Use special boxes. It is undoubtedly an advice from all moving companies in the world, because special moving boxes will have separators and will definitely be clean inside. If you cannot spend extra money on special supplies, at least make sure that your boxes from a grocery store are clean and dry.

Packing Tip #6: Do not box up everything. Keep in mind that not everything requires a box. For instance, furniture should be moved on its own and your valuables should be packed in a separate suitcase you will take with you during the move.

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