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5 tips on how to be a good roommate

Sometimes, living with someone might seem as an ordeal. Some people cannot stand it and they try to find some house for rent so that they do not have to put up with anyone. However, if you want to share a room with somebody and you want to be a good neighbor you just need to follow a number of rules, which will lead to good neighborly relations.

Supply chain management junior Spencer Sitto, right, and international student Oscar Gomez pose Monday in their West McDonel Hall dorm room. For the first time, resident mentors like Sitto are being asked to have a roommate to lower the amount of single rooms in the residence halls. Matt Radick/The State News

1. Clean the apartment on the regular basis. It does not matter what your attitude to sanitation or hygiene is. You should clean regularly your part of apartment (or the whole house, by arrangement). The thing is that your neighbors or the property owner may not be very happy with the fact that your part of the room starts to accumulate things, dirt, and odors and so on and so forth.

2. Make an agreement. No matter how many people may be living in the apartment, you need to assign different chores: cleaning, cooking, feeding a fish etc. Such arrangements are very useful in everyday life, and they allow you not to have any kind of domestic conflicts. The main thing is to carry out your part of agreement and not make that agreement just words on a paper.

3. Be friendly or at least try to maintain friendly relations with your neighbors. Nobody likes people who always refuse to take a walk, drink a beer, or just to talk. At least sometimes, you should agree on joint trips, parties and other events. So next time your neighbor invites you to a club or a bar just say yes, even if you do not like clubs or beer. This way you will make the relationship with your roommate way better!

Friendly atmosphere is always good.

4. Don’t forget to warn the neighbors about a party. Yes, no one will like it if in the midst of a holiday when you lie in bed and do not expect any guests your neighbor will come with a bunch of their friends who will make noise, play loud music and create discomfort in general. Therefore, you should warn your neighbor about your guests in advance and plus ask the neighbors in the apartment to do the same for you. Be considerate! It is very important.

5. Do not take food without your neighbor’s permission. Usually roommates have a mutual budget for food. And this budget is spent on groceries whose number is limited.

No one is going to be happy if one-day a month’s supply of sausage disappears from the refrigerator. Would you like it yourself? I think, you would not. So try to ask your roommate first if you are going to borrow some food from the fridge.

So, here are our tips. We do hope you liked them and we sincerely hope you will be a very good neighbor. You can also check
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